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  1. Greetings from another mom from Our Globo in Kent, WA !

    As we learn from the Circle of Moms domain about your web site and the fine initiative that you have taken to share the love of outdoor activities for our kids, we are appreciative. In our journey, it is always a pleasure to know of those WHO are proactive and willing to run with an idea in a practical manner. Imagine how wonderful our community can be if we have more like minded friends.

    re- http://www.ourglobo.com/about-our-globo/our-story/

    A little background on Our Globo –

    In 2006, we have launched Our Globo, as a platform for products inspired by the values of stewardship, responsibility and sustainability. We have created and introduced the ECO – backpack style Go Jackets for toddlers in 2007, which make from the latest generation of recyclable material: not just recycled one time, but perpetually recycle for repeat utilization, and with 76% less energy being consumed in production; leading brands like Patagonia and NAU are using this same brand of cutting edge fabric from Teijin of Japan.

    The main message of this ECO – Go Jacket is to “carry your own load” – carry your own jacket – which this jacket can turn into the backpack mode in seconds for the little child to carry. In addition, each jacket has a unique individual number, so as to allow the option to track, trace and build relationship.

    We have been distributing the jackets only through community oriented stores throughout the region, which we have received unsolicited and positive media coverage annually. Our local retail partners stretch from NYC in the East, to Wyoming in Mid West, to California in the West.

    Since the launch, we have been working closely with schools and moms’ communities, and donated to the Sustainable Oregon School Initiative. We feel that now is the right time for us to share with a broader audience, especially during the current changing economic times and paradigm shifting. We hope to further stir up more thoughtful conversation about stewardship and diligent ways to proceed forward.

    We are impressed with you web site and if there might be something that we can collaborate and create, that would be wonderful !! Namely, if we can offer our jackets to your readers at a generous discount, and donate a good portion of the proceed to worthy causes of your sphere ? If this might be a possibility and have an interest, please do not hesitate to let us know at anytime. Let’s keep in touch, and have our communication channel open.

    Have a wonderful week,

    on behalf of Our Globo,

    Charlene and Stan Tsang
    25655 Lake Fenwick
    Kent, WA, 98032


    Tel: 253-373-9933

    e-mail: go@ourlgobo.com

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