Nachos Bell-pepper Grande *Paleo


I am a self-proclaimed appetizer junky.  That being said, I barely ever give in to the urge to order them or make them .  Quite frankly, there just aren’t many “healthy” appetizer options and most include words like:  melted cheese, breaded, creamy, crispy, deep-fried, or dunking sauces and bread 😦

I also am a self-proclaimed nacho junky.  Last night was one of those nights where I just wanted to sink my teeth into a big slice of pizza or have a bunch of appetizers for dinner. So I decided to make my favorite app, nachos, and Ryan’s favorite app, wings.

Making wings at home is healthier for you, especially if you use your own seasonings or buy a sauce that does not contain a bunch of additives and then toss them on the grill.  It is very easy to do, costs less, and tastes better than most wings you can buy at your local establishment.

This is the healthiest version of nachos I have found and they were pretty delicious—>

What you need:

Taco meat ( I use this recipe and this recipe only.)
3 bell peppers, sliced wide (to aid in holding toppings)
Shredded cheddar cheese (a little goes a long way)
Red onion, diced
Avocado, diced
Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
Jalapeno pepper, sliced

Preheat oven to 350.
Place peppers on cookie sheet (covered with aluminum foil or parchment paper) and fill with scoops of taco meat, a little cheese and some red onions.
Cook for 10-15 minutes.
Take out of oven and top with avocado, tomatoes, and jalapeno.

*Bonus, I have a half a pound of left over taco meat to make my kids a quick taco salad after Lacrosse practice tonight.  I love quick and healthy dinners on Monday nights!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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