TC10 Race Recap

Where do I begin?
This is the least prepared I have ever been for a race.  I usually follow some sort of structure or training plan for running events.  I may not be super strict with my routine, but I usually do run consistently before a race.  This time… not so much.  (Number of times running in past 3 months=10!)

I picked up my race packet Friday after work.  If I would have had more time and went with a friend, I could have spent some serious money and time there.  As it was, I just went in, grabbed my packet and a free Caribou coffee, and got out.  Bing. Bang. Boom. wpid-IMG_20131004_160509.jpg

Saturday was spent relaxing with the family.  I took the dogs for a walk to stretch out the legs a bit and got everything ready for Sunday morning.   Obligatory outfit photo 🙂wpid-IMG_20131005_111921.jpg

5:30am Sunday morning came way too soon.  These early morning races make me always question my sanity.  I had a little pre-race anxiety, but not as bad as usual.  I really didn’t put any pressure on myself to run a certain time/pace.  I was just gonna go out and do my best for that day.  My longest pre-race run was a 8-miler 10 days before hand and it was terrible.  My expectations for the day were low.

I started out feeling good.  I was maintaining a 9:30/mi pace and felt strong thru the first big hill and to the first water stop around 3.2 miles.  My friend, Danielle, had caught up to me at that point and decided to stick with me to the finish.  I have never ran a race with someone before.  It was so much fun!!!  We walked through the water stops and kept a solid pace (for me) to the finish.

The last mile of this race is breath-taking.  Check out the view of the finish line! finish

Thanks to Danielle, who is much faster than me, I actually had my first ever negative splits!  First ever 10 mile race 1:35:57 (PR)wpid-IMG_20131006_092708.jpg

This race far exceeded my expectations.  I felt great the entire time and had so much fun!wpid-IMG_20131006_094815.jpg


I wonder how I would do if I actually trained for it 😉 results


Of note:  my Garmin data shows 10.11 miles – 1:36:01- 9:30min/mile pace  (Thought I would share since I like the Garmin pace better.)










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2 Responses to TC10 Race Recap

  1. Renee says:

    So proud of you AND your performance!

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