Cramming! Where are the cliff notes?


I have 3 weeks to cram for Chequamegon 40 MTB race!  THREE.  *gulp*


Yes, I have been riding a fair amount.  Yes, I have been riding more than in previous years.  (Only because I haven’t been running… which could make the TC10 very interesting.  My longest run in the past few months has been 4 miles.  Hmmmm. I digress.)  BUT, I haven’t been riding grassy, steep hills on my mountain bike.  The Chequamegon 40 course is mostly grassy, steep hills.  AND, it is all up hill from the start. 



I have committed to only riding my MTB until the race.   (AND, doing a little crossfit and running too.  I’m just not going to do any rides on my road bike.) 

This is tough for me.  I feel so sluggish on my MTB.  Contrary to what Ryan can do on his MTB on the pavement, I am slow.  I even have proof on Strava.  My morning commute went from 16.5mph to 13.5mph average today.  WTH?! 

My cram sessions started yesterday.  I went out to ride Lebanon Hills and did a few “fast” beginner loops and then did a few grassy hill repeats by the kiddos school.  I really stink at grassy hills, especially steep ones.  I know it is about power to weight ratio and keeping my butt back far enough to not have my rear tire slip.  BUT, I still get intimidated and feel defeated by them.  I need some cliff notes!!!wpid-IMG_20130821_143703.jpg

Cram sessions worked for me in college- so I am hoping for the best at this years Chequamegon 🙂 

(I will be doing another crash course at running once this race is over.  I think the TC10 is exactly 3 weeks after Chequamegon.  YIKES!)


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