Kickapoo Kicker 2013 weekend recap…

It probably isn’t a good sign for how the weekend is going to go when you are 2 miles from home and the “check engine soon” light comes on…wpid-IMAG1062.jpgYes, that is Ryan climbing inside the truck 🙂

2 1/2 hours later, a new ignition coil, a lighter wallet, and we were back on the road to Viroqua, WI for the Kickapoo Kicker. wpid-IMAG1061.jpgCheck out our new-to-us camper 🙂  Let the bike excursions begin!

We finally made it to the campground around 0830pm. (I wanted to be there by 0530pm!) I lived in this area for almost 7 years, but I always forget how hilly it is—>wpid-IMG_20130621_195105.jpg

I signed up for the 150k (105 miles) *gulp* and planned to be on the road by 0630am Saturday morning.  Mother Nature didn’t like this idea apparently.  Lots of rain and thunderstorms pushed the start time back by 2 hours and cancelled the 150k and 200k options 😦  (Okay, I was secretly happy.  I knew from 2yrs ago that the 100k was challenging enough for me.  See that post here.)wpid-IMG_20130622_203702.jpg

We finally got rolling around 0840am.  The first 25 miles went by without a hitch.  I felt great and climbed great.  Here is a picture of my partner in crime Joanna and I at the first rest stop—>mile25I have to admit, I even felt pretty great up to Wildcat Mountain, which is at about mile 41.  But after that…it goes without saying, that the Kicker kicked my butt again!

Check out the race elevation chart: kicker

There is just nothing in the Minneapolis/St Paul area that compares to this type of elevation.  Nothing. At. All.

I have to give a shout out to Joanna for riding with me.  It was so much more enjoyable to have someone to enjoy my misery with 🙂

72.5 miles.  6219ft of climbing.  6:15:00 in the saddle.  Rain delays.  Wet roads.  Great support.  Hot, hot sun.  Wind.  Time in the pain cave.  Thankful to be done! wpid-IMAG1068.jpg


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