To Lycra or Not to Lycra

May 13-17th is Bike-To-Work week. A week when people, i.e. YOU and ME, are encouraged to hop on their bikes and try a new way to commute.

How do I do it?

Do I wear my normal cycling gear? Lycra, shammy, jersey, etc…
How do I prevent myself from getting sweaty or even worse stinky? (This wouldn’t be a problem if my workplace had a shower. Hint. Hint.)
How do I carry all my work gear and food? Really I was most concerned about the food 🙂

The thing about biking to work is that there’s no right or wrong way to go about it.

I kind of liked the idea of taking a leisurely bike-to-work ride in my t-shirt and shorts, but I knew it would hard for me. I am so used to getting on my gear, pedaling as hard and fast as I can, and getting my sweat on.

After all, what better way to get the blood pumping in the morning than using your bike commute as training? Right?!

No matter how long or short your commute (and how much fun you’re having), at some point you have to put on your work-related clothes and join your co-workers. So plan accordingly and arrive a few minutes early to change and clean yourself up. Some lucky bike commuters can take advantage of showers at the office, but the rest of us need to figure out other ways to not offend our co-workers after our ride.

One option is to take it easy on the way in, and save your real workout for the way home.

Packing an absorbent pack towel, Action Wipes (or something similar) and a spot of deodorant can really do wonders too.

My personal experience:

I am almost embarrassed to admit that today was my first time commuting by bike to work. I live 5 (yes, only FIVE) miles from work. (It is even shorter by car, but seriously that is a tiny commute.)

I planned ahead last night. I showered before bed. I packed my breakfast and lunch. I filled up a water bottle. I put a little make-up pack, shoes, and a few miscellaneous items in my backpack.

I woke up at 6:15 and planned to leave my house by 6:30. (I wanted to give myself enough time on the maiden voyage.)

My commute is through a suburban area, and almost every other cyclist I saw was wearing bike gear and on a road bike to varying degrees.

I decided to wear my Hincapie capris that have a tiny little shammy in them, a t-shirt and sweatshirt. I did geek out and wear my cycling sunglasses and gloves though 🙂 I also was super nerdy and rode my mountain bike. Take that fixie hipsters! Truthfully, my road bike or cruiser would have been better options, but I missed her. It’s been soooo long. She deserved a little ride, even if it was on pavement. Plus, then I could show her off in the break room 🙂

VERDICT: FUN! I will definitely do this again. Hopefully often!

BONUS: 10 extra miles on the bike today. Yea!



About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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3 Responses to To Lycra or Not to Lycra

  1. Renee says:

    Wooohoooooo! Good for you!

  2. So how did you prevent yourself from getting sweaty?

    • Amy, I didn’t really sweat on the way to work. I took it really slow though. I was surprised though- cuz this girl gets sweaty fast! It helped that it was only 60 degrees too 🙂 The way home, however, I was a puddle of sweat at 95 degrees.

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