Ray’s MTB Women’s Weekend

After a few months of waiting, Ray’s Women’s Weekend was finally this past weekend!!!

What is Ray’s Women’s Weekend?
A truly unique and FREE all women’s event in Milwaukee, WI (or Cleveland, OH) at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park.  During women’s “weekend” (It is really just one day!), the park is closed to the boys from 900am to 400pm.  It is geared toward all ages and skill sets from beginners to experts, as long as you are a girl 🙂  AND offers coaching from a great group of  both pro women riders and local experts.  If you ever thought you would like to try mountain biking, this is a great place to start. 

So, we took off from the Twin Cities to Milwaukee on Thursday afternoon.  Just three girls, their mountain bikes, and a truck—>wpid-IMAG0557.jpg

You have to admit, this is way more badass than a girls scrapbooking weekend 🙂

Friday morning started with a pep talk and introduction to the coaches.  These chicks rock!wpid-IMAG0559.jpg

My friend, Joanna, and I started at the “beginner” section and very quickly moved to the “ladders”.  We weren’t really sure where to start, but the beginner section was truly for beginner cyclists.  Proper body mechanics, hand and finger position, placement of your body weight, etc… (at least I know that much, right?!)

The ladders look like this—->wpid-IMAG0565.jpg


They are more intimidating than they look!  They also hurt a lot more than ground when you fall.  Trust me on this one! OUCH!

There is a place for everyone here.  Even if you want to do back flips into a foam pit—->wpid-IMAG0570.jpg

(AND, no, I would not even consider doing this, but it was a blast to watch!)

Or try climbing this crazy steep wall—->wpid-IMAG0567.jpg

Ray’s just puts on a great event at an amazing venue.  I would most definitely go back and plan to.  Hopefully next time the jitters won’t get the best of me and I will conquer the “pump track”.  One thing is certain, after riding my bike from 900am-400pm on Friday, I really want to get outside and ride.  Come on Spring- Go AWAY snow!

My favorite egg-head and I need to get out to Lebanon—->


*Forgive me Joanna.  I had to post it.  There were no other pics of me from the weekend.


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2 Responses to Ray’s MTB Women’s Weekend

  1. Renee says:

    You girls sure do ROCK! Looks like you had a great time!

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