Monster Dash Half Race Recap



This was the largest event out all my races this year, and quite honestly the one I have been dreading the most.  (Well the last month anyway!)  There are 16,000 runner’s names on this “Wall of Terror”, and I think 14,000 people did the 10 mile or half-marathon yesterday am!  That is a lot of people!
Even more porta-potties 🙂


We got to the race on time, but by the time we walked to the start, did a bag drop, and waited for the porta-potty lines… the National Anthem was being sang and the gun was being fired.  So we just grabbed a spot farther back then usual and felt zero pressure to go out fast. Which was good for me. I kept my first mile as a warm-up before starting to increase my pace.

I really had no expectations going into this race.  Originally (back in July) I wanted 2:00:00 or less.  This morning I wanted to feel good, have fun, stay warm (It was chilly out there.) and just run my race.  Maybe a PR, maybe not…

There were SO many people to run with today and the next thing I knew we were at mile 4 and I was happy!  The miles really flew by today.  I didn’t even listen to my tunes.  I have never not ran with tunes, on purpose anyway. Never.

Was it the costumes? Great cheering crowds? Flat-ish course?  Either way, this race was fun. Yup fun.  I haven’t really had fun at a half before.  I usually start falling apart at mile 7-8.  Today. Was.  Different.  Better. Awesome.

The 10 mile mark came and went…and the race field split.  I have to admit, it was disheartening to know a lot of the people I was running around were finishing.  I still had 3.1 more to go.  But for some reason, I still felt strong.  I had only walked through 2 water stops and to eat my Gu. Crazy!

The next thing I knew I was running behind the 2:05 pacer with 2 miles left.  I knew I had started about 6 minutes after the gun start.  Being behind him meant I could get a PR.  I kicked up the pace a bit and then when I saw the finish line, I started to sprint as fast as I could.

Finish time 2:01:06!  Not the dream of 2:00:00 I originally hoped for, but a PR anyway.  And. It. Was. Fun. 🙂

I think colder weather and flatter courses suit me better.


This was my last race for the year.  The last event in the Monster Series and my final piece of the pie. I couldn’t be happier right now. Unless of course I got my 2:00:00 😉



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3 Responses to Monster Dash Half Race Recap

  1. Ann says:

    Way to go. Are you doing it again next year?

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