Paleo Experiment

Last year during the month of October, we took the Unprocessed October Challenge( and we actually really liked it. You can read my recap here.  We made it one whole month, with very little cheating, making almost all our own food.  From scratch.  No processed crap.  It felt wonderful.  In fact, we still make many of our staples from the challenge today:  spaghetti sauce, pancake/waffles, granola, taco seasoning, etc…

So this year we decided to kick it up a notch- and go Paleo! 

What is Paleo?  In a nut-shell it is this—>
*Eat red meat, fish, poultry, pork or eggs.
*Eat good fats- coconut and olive oils, nuts.
*Avoid dairy.
*Avoid grains and legumes- wheat, rye, oats, corn, rice, beans, and peanuts.
*Eliminate sugar- unless it is from honey or pure maple syrup.
*Eat fruits and vegetables. 
*If the cavemen could hunt, gather, or grow it, it is safe to eat!

Why do we do these crazy things?
Well…to put it simply, I am not happy with the current state of my body.  I want to lose some weight.  I NEED to lose some weight.  You see, we eat very healthy at our house and exercise a lot, but also both have a few unwanted pounds in our mid-section.  (Really I don’t think Ryan does, but he claims to have some. Somewhere.  ??)  We also both acknowledge that there is always room to improve ourselves.  We have been thinking about going gluten-free for some time and this just seemed to give us a nudge toward that direction. 

After 5 days, I have to admit it is easier than I thought it would be.  However, I am hungry.  Always hungry.  I hope that changes soon.  I think I may just need to tweak (yes, that is a word) my protein intake a bit.

What have we been eating? 
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!  Banana-Sweet Potato-Strawberry-Almond Milk Smoothies, Nuts and Apples, Celery with almond butter, Avocado, Chicken, Beef, date and walnut balls (aka homemade Larabar), sweet potatoes, squash, and lots of veggies.

Here are a few pics of our delicious meals~

We are not planning on following the Paleo diet perfectly all month. We will have an occasional treat- but hopefully keep it gluten-free!  You also know that I have a huge weakness for ice cream, and I will not deprive myself my kids an occasional ice cream treat 🙂   

Have you tried Paleo?  Do you eat Paleo?
Send me some of your favorite snack ideas and treat recipes!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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3 Responses to Paleo Experiment

  1. wealthofhealthKylie says:

    You guys will love it once used to it. It’s how I eat 90% of the time and have for about 8 months to a year(I gradually slid into the full swing) As for being hungry–I think you have to eat more fats and protein. I eat massive amounts of that stuff to satiate me and without the carbs and sugar it doesn’t hurt you. between meals I eat half avocados with raw olive oil, salt, pepper, kale chips, raw hazelnuts, or shakes with coconut milk and berries. Fruits have to be limited but lots of green veggies are key. Also-for maximum weight loss you may have to play with the nut intake and remember to balance your Omega 3 and 6! I think the energy from protein will make you exercise better, faster, longer. Amazing for sprint and HIIT workouts. Good luck!

    • It is the endurance workouts we are trying to figure out…most of what Ryan does is 2+ hours. I have read Paleo for athletes…but now just trying to balance it all out in a way that works for us.

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