25 Things I Don’t Want You To Know About Me

…but here I am telling you anyway!  Just keeping it real here people.

1.  I am very self-conscious.  I feel as though people, women in particular, are judging me…my belly fat, my clothes, my hair.  Seems kinda crazy that I would choose to take my child in to school in the same jeans and sweatshirt most days, sans makeup, and in a ponytail, doesn’t it?

2.  I love things organized, neat, and without clutter.  Have you seen my home? It is the exact opposite of those things!  My house is cross between a bike shop and daycare mixed with a smidge of dog kennel.  Truth hurts 😦

3.  Before I had kids, I said I would never use TV or video games as a crutch.  Now I offer TV or DS time up, so I can nap or blog or just waste time on the computer doing very unimportant things.

4.  I “curse like a sailor”.  Do sailors really curse more than say a marine or someone in the air force?  Just curious.  I am surprised my kids have not dropped a F bomb yet.  Thank You Lord!

5.  I yell at my kids for stupid, frivolous things when I am tired and crabby.  They are just being kids, and they are wonderful kids most the time.  I hope I do NOT ruin them on a daily basis.

6.  Some days I think it would be easier to just be lazy, eat crappy food, and not work out.  Wouldn’t it be fun to sleep in, eat some pancakes, watch TV, get some burgers for lunch, drink a beer, take a nap, go out for dinner and go to bed???  Oh wait, I did that for a few  years after college, and it wasn’t fun.  It made me fat and depressed.

7.  I want to move to Colorado.  I want to drop everything.  Move.  Start over.  BUT, I am scared.

8.  I am afraid of failure.  I want to run a marathon, but am scared I won’t be fast enough.  Who am I trying to impress?  26.2 miles is a long way.  Finishing is enough!

9.  Fuck.  This is hard.  (see #4)

10.  I stress out about money every day.  Yet, I just spent $25 on a pedicure to have an Asian lady push back my cuticles and slap my shin bones.

11.  I believe in ghosts.  I lie to my children and tell them there is no such thing.

12.  I am jealous.

13.  Sometimes I am envious of our kidless friends.  See above.  I love my boys, but there are times when I think how lovely it must be to drop everything and go on vacation or a bike ride or to the grocery store…alone.

14.  Family dinner time is over-rated. I much prefer feeding my kids and then eating alone with Ryan once they are in bed.

15.  I wish I would never have to work again.  It’s not that I am lazy.  I just prefer being a homemaker.  Please remind me of this when I am screaming at my kids to be quiet around dinner time :-O

16.  I used to think I would rather be dead than weigh 160#.  WTF!. Not that long ago, I was ecstatic to weigh 160#!

17.  I prefer animals to people.

18.  I once peed in the basement corner of a house party (in college) for $20.00.  Keeping it classy here!

19.  I actually like White Castle cheese burgers. ‘nuf said.

20.  I wish I could run faster and longer, but I don’t put in the time.  I don’t do speed work, fartleks, hills.  I just put on my shoes and run.  I know I need to do drills, but just don’t do them.

21.  I am from WI. I love all things cheese, beer, and fish-fry!

22.  I love to cook, but hate baking.  Cooking is forgiving of errors.  Baking is not.  I like to think of recipes as a guide, not a rule book.

23.  I hate mornings.  Do not talk to me until 2 cups of coffee have been ingested.

24.. I am terrified and ecstatic at the idea of both boys being in school all day.  I will have 7.5 hours all to myself.  I haven’t had that in 7 years!  Scary.

25.  I am actually not very interesting.  This was hard.


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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4 Responses to 25 Things I Don’t Want You To Know About Me

  1. i knew there was a reason you’re my favorite “new” friend! a girl after my own heart ♡

  2. Ann says:

    I’d have to say ditto on about 1/2 of them (and no one of them isn’t peeing in a corner – but that totally made my day, which I needed today, because the first day of school is very hard and I’m not referring to Henry)

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