T-minus 2 days until the Minneapolis Duathlon

3.2 miles-15 miles- 3.2 miles

Why do these run lengths have me terrified?!  I love the Duathlon.  It is actually where it all began.  See here.   I usually do the IronGirl Duathlon every September (or at least I have the past 3 years).  The distance for that is 2 miles-22 miles-2 miles.  I can do that- easy peasey, right?!  (Well except for last year when I FAILED miserably!  See here.)

So why is that extra 1.2 miles before and after my glorious bike ride daunting me this year?!  Please explain!!!

Granted.  I have not put any time or energy into training for this race.  At.  All.  Sure, I have been biking and running (a little), but I haven’t done a brick workout in over a month.  WHY?  Good Question.  This race has just not been on my “A” list this year.  It is race number 4 of 5 in the Team Ortho Monster Series.  Quite frankly, I have just poo-poo’d it.

BUT, now here I sit with less than 48 hours before the start, and I am nervous and want to kick ass.  UGH!  Gonna have to remember this mantra on race day and throughout the weekend and potentially a few days after depending on how the race goes 🙂  —>

Source: cafepress.com via Joy on Pinterest


The best part of this race being over is I can then begin to focus on my two upcoming “A” races for the season.  Chequamegon 40 in 3 weeks.   YIKES!  3 weeks!  I have a lot of mountain biking to do between now and then.  AND last but not least, race number 5 of the series, Monster Dash Half Marathon.  YIKES!  I better up my mileage again on my runs!  It is going to be a busy 2 months for this girl.


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2 Responses to T-minus 2 days until the Minneapolis Duathlon

  1. Renee says:

    GO KIM!!!

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