Things runners don’t tell newbie runners…

1.  Running is hard.

2.  You actually do need more than just a pair of good running shoes.

3.  Running is not cheap.  You will find yourself buying all sorts of running paraphenalia…Garmins, iPods, shorts, special bras (Ladies only please. Unless you are in need of a mansierre  to hold in your moobs then please do us all the courtesy and buy one!), special socks, compression sleeves, and I didn’t even mention all the race entry fees!

4.  You eventually will get some sort of injury.  You will get one of the following common problems:  IT Band issues, shin splints, stress fractures, piriformis syndrome, or knee pain.

5.  You will have a near-miss or maybe even a full-on shit your pants moment on long runs more often than you would ever like to admit as an adult.

6.  You will plan your long runs around  porta-potty sites and gas stations.  (see above)

7.  Your toenails will never be the same and you may lose a few.  Luckily I haven’t lost one yet, but after every race it is a possibility.  My big toe nails are permanently bruised.

8.. You should invest $ in a foam roller and time in stretching.

9.  You will become addicted.

10.  You will NEED to run!


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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4 Responses to Things runners don’t tell newbie runners…

  1. Brittany says:

    Bahaha I love this, so true.

  2. Andrea Millette says:

    I would like to more about the foam rollers!!!

  3. Ann says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad just running my 5Ks.

    • Well that is not really what I wanted to happen… As much as I talk bad about running, there really is a sweet spot for me between mile 3 and mile 7 where it just feels right. I would have never known that if I didn’t run further than what I thought was my comfort zone. Try it. You may like it 🙂
      Do you think there might be a sweet spot part 2 after say mile 13? Not sure I ever have a full-Mary in me.

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