A girl and her boy

I needed to get my legs loosened up yesterday, in particular my quads.  They have been screaming at me since Saturday’s race.  Going down the stairs in my house is comical at best-  I honestly have to laugh at myself or I will cry!

What a better way to loosen up then go for a bike ride, right?!  I had all the intentions of getting in a 20 mile road ride, but then life happened and the ride never did 😦

I did get to sneak in a not so quality quad-loosening, but super high quality girl and her boy time ride.   Rowan and I went out for a “quick” 6 miles before I had to get ready for work.

It was a blast!  How couldn’t it be with company like this? —->




So, my quads are still a little tight today, but better than yesterday.  (I think my 8 hours at work without a break have more to do with that than the bike ride though.)

But nothing compares to a girl and her boy out on a ride 🙂

How do you loosen up after a race?  Ice bath?  Epsom Salt soaks?
I haven’t tried either.  The thought of getting in a tub full of ice makes me cringe!   I would be willing to try the Epsom salts though.

How come you get more sore after some races than others?
I have no idea!  My last half-marathon I wasn’t sore at all.  I PR’d on that one- so speed isn’t the reason.   I did go to a Twin’s game immediately after the race and did a lot of walking that day-  maybe that just kept me loosened up?!  Who knows.

I’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment!

Happy Spring Everyone!


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