Runner’s Prayer

Praying for my last long (to me) run before the Get Lucky 21k to be pain-free, fun, and most of all, over.  After a week of slacking (on the running anyway), this may be a bigger task than it appears.

BUT…it is sunny.   It is warm.  I am ready to tackle those miles!  One more “training” session will be under my belt and I will gladly greet taper week 🙂

A lot of people (mainly ultra and marathoners) will argue that you don’t need to taper for a half-marathon.  I did with my first two, so why quit now?!  I think it is a good idea to give your body a little rest before a race- that way your legs will feel fresh on race day.

The past two half-mary’s I did, I followed a pretty strict training schedule.  This time, well, not so much.  I had the intent, but lacked the execution.  I didn’t run 3 times a week every week.  Last week I only ran once.  I didn’t always up my miles correctly.  (The previous plans had me increasing 1 mile per week.)  I didn’t do a lot of  “short” runs (2-3 miles).  In fact, most my runs were between 4-6 miles.  I tried a few speed drills on the treadmill.  AND, I have been doing a fair amount of cross-training on my bike.

I am not sure whether this new non-training plan will work.  I don’t know if I will magically get my under 2:00:00 goal for 2012 this race.  One thing is for sure, I will try my damnest on race day and hopefully even smile a little 🙂


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2 Responses to Runner’s Prayer

  1. Karen says:

    I feel you! 🙂 I have the same goal time and running my 3rd also. This time I DID follow the plan and feellike I am killing myself with 5 run days a week. To the point of bad knee pain. You will do great and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Karen, My run today was awful. I felt like I was stopping constantly. My legs felt tired and heavy. I could come up with a million excuses, but taking almost a week off of running within 2 weeks of this half was a bad idea. I just have to play it smart the next week and hope the stars align.
    I really want to go under 2 hours but it may be the half I signed up for in June instead. Either way, I have to remember that I am still stronger than I was 2 years ago at this time! (Note to self: remember this statement!)
    Knee pain is bad. Have you just been icing after your runs? When is your half?

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