I run harder for them…

My plan for Monday was to tackle 8 miles outside.  It was the first official “long run” of my half-marathon training.  I can’t tell you why 7 miles doesn’t fit the “long” run definition in my head, but it just doesn’t.  (Believe me there was a time when 4 miles was considered “long”.) There is just something unexplainable that happens to me mentally between 7-8 miles.  Most days I would say it is serenity and rhythm.  The calm before the storm.  (The “storm” being miles 11-13!)

AND then there are days like today, where every mile I put in, just didn’t seem to work.  UGH!  Here is the recap:

Mile 1-  My pace was too fast (under 9:00) for my planned miles.
Mile 2- My left thigh pain returns and a pit-stop at the gas station bathroom, in which I dropped my phone and the battery fell behind the toilet in that place where who knows what grows.  YUCK!  YUCK!  YUCK!
Mile 3- See above mishap—> no music, still trying to get my phone to get back on MP3 mode, in doing so, I dropped it again and the battery fell into a snow bank.  WTF!
Mile 4- I was starting to feel pretty good, tunes were back on, and I found a happy pace (9:15ish) and then I dropped my phone again…this time it was stuffed in my back pocket with my gloves when it got flung out onto the sidewalk.  AND that was the end of my phone 😦  AND my tunes 😦
Miles 5 thru 6.5-  *insert heavy breathing* TOO much ice and snow on the sidewalk for me to be comfortable going fast.
Miles 6.5 thru 7.4- Finally feeling pretty good but I am close to home and don’t feel like trudging on without tunes, and it’s was getting dark outside. (I am the queen of excuses if I am close to home!)

So my 8 mile run turned into a 7.4 mile run.  I can’t really say I enjoyed much of it.  I was, however, very happy to be done.  There was no serenity and lots of heavy breathing. (I listen to music for a reason—> so I do not have to listen to myself huff and puff every step of the way.)

Do you run in the dark?
I have been a little more cautious out running in the dark since the news of Sherry Arnold. See her story here.  I also encourage you to join in the virtual run on Feb. 11th in her honor.  Run for her.  Run for her children.  Run to make a human connection.

On the days that it just seems hard.  Remember it is worth it in the end.  AND there are plenty of people who wish they could just get outside and move their legs again.  Do it for them!  Do it for you!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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