Day 11—> Thankful to be done!!!!!

The 10 Day DETOX is over!!!!! I couldn’t be more thankful to bring back my daily staples of steel-cut oats with honey, yogurt, and of course a little wine now and again.

The DETOX rules were simple.  No wheat.  No dairy.  No alcohol.  No sugar.  You can see the official rules here.  Most of the rules were pretty easy to follow, BUT I did hit a few road blocks now and again.

My main complaint about the whole thing is that I have never been more tired in my life (not including pregnancy of course), and I was getting more sleep than I had in years.  Mainly since I wasn’t up til midnight drinking a beer or two with Ryan.  We were in bed by 11pm the past 10 days. (This is very early for us!) BUT I still woke up tired.  Exhausted.  My exhaustion lasted all day long.  I took more naps this past week than I have in years.  My workouts felt sluggish.  My stomach would ache from hunger during spinclass.  It wasn’t the “Hey you are burning a lot of fat and calories ache.” It was the “Your stomach is eating away at itself kinda ache.”

Why was I so tired?  Was it really just the lack of carbs?  Is this something your body eventually will adjust to if you continue on this plan?  Does anyone know the answer here?!

I think I can honestly say that Ryan and I eat VERY healthy.  We do not have much sugar, and if we do it is in the form of honey or raw sugar (and usually only on our oats for breakfast or an occasional energy ball).  We do not eat a lot of dairy- one greek yogurt a day and a splash of milk in an afternoon latte.  We do not ingest a lot of wheat.  An occasional slice of bread (or two) dipped in EVOO and spices with our salads in the evening.      So do we really need to change our diet?!  Are wheat and dairy really evil?  I don’t have the answer to that, but I am sure going to keep researching it.  If you haven’t read this article about wheat, you should.  It makes me wonder…

Other than being tired, I missed our evening wine.  It was a habit I know, but one I like.  The kids are tucked away into bed.  Ryan and I put the finishing touches on our dinner and enjoy a glass or two of wine with our meal.  Good conversation.  Bad TV watching.  I like it. Is it bad?  I don’t know.  We don’t get these evenings every night…there is work and other responsibilities, but when we do, it is what I want to do.  If you are a parent you should read this article—>  It makes me feel better 🙂

Should you do the detox?  Well, if you eat a lot of wheat, sugar and dairy, maybe give it a try.  If you are like us and eat pretty clean fuel, I say don’t bother.  It just will make you sleepy.

So THANKFUL this morning I am going to go crazy and have some steel-cut oats with honey followed by a yogurt snack 🙂


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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