YOU are worth the sweat.

YOU are worth the hard work.

YOU are worth the “me” time.

YOU are worth the pain.

YOU are worth making yourSELF a priority.


Sometimes a little saying goes a long way…  last week when I was working my tail off in spinclass the instructor said, “You are worth the sweat!”  She wasn’t directing the comment to any individual, but it stuck with me throughout the class.  I am worth all this sweat.  I am worth a little “me” time (aka run or bike time).  AND you are too!

There are only 51 days until the Get Lucky 21k.  This should have been my second race of the year, but unfortunately, my body had other ideas.  You can see my non-race recap here.  I am not really feeling prepared for another half-marathon, yet.  Thank goodness I have several weeks left to prepare- physically and mentally.  After completing two half-mary’s last year, I know the mental part is the toughest (for me).

I have to say I am worried a little about the physical part this time around too. My crazy leg pain never really bothered me during the two races last year, but I “raced” a 5k (#TwitterRoadRace) on Saturday and it hurt like hell the entire time.  It has also hurt ever since 😦  This was my first 5k.  I ran it on the treadmill at the gym, but ran it with all my heart. (I did hold back a little because I needed to get in 4 more miles after the 5k.) I finished in 00:27:45.  I wasn’t sure what to expect doing a virtual race, but I still felt pretty competitive even on the hamster wheel.  I just pretended that everyone running on the treadmills next to me were racing too 🙂 I finished 27th out of 83 in my age group (30-39) and 53rd out of 202 females.  Isn’t it funny that my best running
“race” was a virtual race?!  I think so.

Here is my plan for the next few weeks to stay on track for my 3rd half-marathon:

Week 1/23:  bike 3 days, run 3-6 miles 2 days, long run 8 miles
Week 1/30:  bike 3 days, run 3-6 miles 2 days, long run 9 miles (May have to adjust a little mileage here d/t a minor surgery…MD says 1-2 day recovery, fingers crossed!)
Week 2/6: bike 2 days, run 3-6 miles 1 day, long run 10 miles
Week 2/13: bike 3 days, run 3-6 miles 2 days, long run 8 miles
Week 2/20: bike 3 days, run 3-6 miles 2 days, long run 11 miles
Week 2/27: bike 3 days, run 3-6 miles 2 days, long run 11-12 miles
Week 3/5:  bike 3 days, run 3-6 miles 2 days, long run 5 miles
Week 3/12: bike 2 days, run 2-3 miles 2 days, race 13.1!


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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