Dead Fuckin’ Last is GREATER than Did Not Finish is GREATER than Did Not Start

As you may be aware, I signed up for the Team Ortho Monster Race Series for 2012.  The first race on the schedule was the Polar Dash on Jan. 1st.  I was all ready to run my first ever 10k.  I have to admit I was really looking forward to running a shorter distance at a race.  (I have only ever ran 13.1 in a running event.)

The weather in MN so far this winter has been superb for training.  I was able to run most of my training runs outside and mixed up a few pace runs on the treadmill just for torture fun.  🙂  My leg pain has finally subsided and I was ready to run this thing!

I woke up Christmas Day with a sore throat.  UGH!  (Pray that this is just a fluke and not the ebola virus the rest of my family has had the past month!)  I felt the lingering sore throat and ear pain most of last week, but was able to run and be comfortable.  It was tolerable.  “A bottle of Advil a day keeps the doctor away.”  Right?!  Okay, maybe not!

December 30th this cold hits me like a ton of bricks- there is no stopping this one with Emergen-C.  (Did I mention I have been living on the stuff since Ryan had his first sniffle a month ago?!)  I am still fairly hopeful I can pull off this race.  I told Ryan on NYE, “I trained.  I paid for it.  Damn it, I am gonna get up and do this thing.”  I mean who doesn’t want to run on the coldest, windiest, iciest day we have had up to this point? Who doesn’t want to high-five people dressed up as penguins while they are running by?  

I woke up at 0730am on race day…insert cough…insert laryngitis…insert more coughing…

I got dressed.  I ate a banana and was preparing some food for the drive to the race.  I had a Gu in hand.  Cough.  Cough.  Cough.

I called my friend.  I hung my head.  I crawled back to bed.  I had my first ever DNS at a race.

This was suppose to be a New Year’s Day race report.  I am disappointed and a little mad.  It was not what I had planned to bring in 2012 with.  My brain knows it was the best for my body and health.   I wouldn’t have come in DFL and I wouldn’t have DNF.  I would have raced it.  I would have pushed my body harder than it could go.  I would be sicker today if I raced yesterday.

My heart still aches a little for the finisher’s medal.  My cough, well it is still here too 😦

Here’s to hoping I am healthy enough and injury free for the rest of my races in 2012. May  the training be hard.  May the races be fun.  AND please, oh please, let me have a few PR’s 🙂

Time to get after it!  Happy New Year.


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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5 Responses to DFL>DNF>DNS

  1. Lisa says:

    How about a DNS (Did Not Start, sounds better that Did Not Show) for a marathon. Trained thru the crappiest winter of my running career, only to show up in Brainerd, in April, to a snow storm. Woke up, looked out the motel window, and went back to bed. No cough, cold or flu to blame it on. Thought I would regret my decision when we had to go back to turn in my chip that day. They were setting up triages in the church next to the finish line. Witnessed several people coming in with hypothermia. Held my head high and said to myself, “Taking care of my body is more important than any race, no matter how much time I put into the training. God only gave me one body, for one chance at life. There will be many races.” So there. By the way, the metal is pretty cool thou.

    • Health is always the right answer. I certainly didn’t want to end up as a patient in the ER because of a silly race. I am just bummed…mainly because I hate being sick.

  2. Ryan Hall says:

    Always hard to know the right answer in situations like this, especially considering the amazing adaptability of the human body. But, I think you made the right decision as was proven by the fact that your voice was even further gone this morning. Stay focused on your health and prioritize the next race Love!

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