The last Thursday of 2011…reflecting

What have I accomplished?
I ran my first half-marathon in January.  The race directors somehow shorted the course by 1.5 miles,  so I ran my second (first) half-marathon in August. I biked 100k- longest cycling distance to date.  Did I mention there was 6700ft of climbing and my bike was geared wrong!?  I learned how to mountain bike.  I road my first ever real mountain in Colorado 🙂  I also raced my first ever mountain bike race in September and finished under my goal of 4:00:00.  I participated in my 3rd duathlon. (That’s all there is to say about that.  You can see my pity-party post here.)

What races have I finished?
January:  Securian Winter Run- “Half Marathon” (11.6 miles!?)
June:  Kickapoo Kicker– 100k (6700ft of climbing) *not really a race, but still the hardest thing I did all year*
August:  13.1 Minneapolis– Half Marathon
September:  Chequamegon Fat Tire– 40 mile mountain bike race
September:  IronGirl Duathlon- 2 mi run, 22 mi bike, 2 mi run

What’s new?
My blog 🙂
I started my blog in April of 2011~ I really wasn’t sure where it would go or if I would get anyone to read it, BUT much to my surprise, some of you actually do read it!  I set out to make this thing change the way you think about food.  I wanted to inspire you to try to make healthier food a real possibility in your daily life.  I wanted to make it simple and easy- and most of all delicious.
I also secretly wanted to inspire you to exercise more.  Incorporate some fitness into your daily routine.  I hope I have done both.
*Please let me know if there is anything I can do differently or if there is anything you would like more or less of…please!  I love feedback.  I love comments.

3 favorite things I learned~
Mountain biking!!!!!

I actually find a pretty good running rhythm after mile 3-4.  It just somehow starts to feel better.  I would have never known this if I didn’t train for a half -marathon.  I would have just thought running kinda felt crappy, but it was good for me, so I should just do it.  Now I know running feels pretty good (most days and when I am not injured) and actually puts my mind at peace.

Eating Unprocessed Food makes me feel better than I ever have before.

The numbers breakdown~
Unofficial mileage ( I am pretty sure that I missed a few miles between Jan-June, but this is what I have from CardioTrainer and DailyMile.)

Total running miles-  336
Total biking miles-  908

What’s on the race agenda for 2012?
Monster Marathon Series –
Polar Dash 10k, January
Get Lucky Half Marathon, March
Minneapolis Half Marathon, June
Minneapolis Duathlon, August
Monster Dash Half Marathon, October

Arcadia Brute 100k, May
Chequamegon 40, September
Various gravel races and other biking events to be determined.

What are my nutrition goals for 2012?
Stick with unprocessed as much as possible.
Go vegetarian at least one day a week.
Eat more raw foods.
If I can’t find cage-free, no antibiotics or hormones, organic chicken- I won’t eat it.
Only buy grass-fed beef.
Support local as much as possible.

Cycling goals 2012~
According to Ryan, “You should want 3000miles next year.” I am thinking 2000 sounds great!
Cut my Chequamegon time down by 20-25 minutes.
Do longer rides 40+ miles once a weekend.
Get faster!

Running goals 2012~
Set a new half-marathon PR, under 2:00:00!!
Stay injury free!
Run 500+ miles (hoping to be closer to 15+/week)
Run faster!

What did you do different in 2011?

What are your goals in 2012?

It has been a great year and I can’t wait to start 2012!
I am starting my new year with a run …10k here I come. This one is just for fun. Let’s face it, it is New Years Day- I won’t be in race shape in the morning.

Thanks for reading!
*Please excuse any writing, spacing, spelling errors. I am posting this from my phone while we drive back home from visiting family for Christmas.


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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