We are entering the season of indulgence.  Family gatherings.  Work parties.  Pie.  Cookies. Gravy.  Eggnog. (Although I will wholeheartedly admit, I have never tried it nor do I plan to!) Fudge.  Mmm, fudge.   Stuffing.  Stuffing?!

Speaking of stuffing~

What happens when a 125 pound cyclist takes on the challenge of eating a 3 pound veggie monster burger?

A better question may be…why would someone even want to?

WHY?!  Because life if too damn short to not be CRAZY, INDULGENT, and at times OVER-THE-TOP with the things we love.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good burger 🙂

Darryl over at ask me to cover his wild monster burger story and I, of course, feel honored to do so!  So here is Darryl’s, (the 125# cyclist) story from his WILD and CRAZY challenge:

One of the sponsors of Loving the Bike is Big Daddy’s Restaurant in Austin.  On their menu is what they call the “Monster Burger” and it’s one of those crazy food challenges where if you can eat the entire thing in 33 minutes or less…it’s totally free.  (Think Man VS Food style.)

According to Darryl, Big Daddy’s serves up one of the best homemade veggie burgers he’s ever tasted.  He asked their executive chef if they’ve ever done a veggie monster burger.  The chef responded saying it’s possible, but hasn’t yet been attempted….and so it was born, the Monster Veggie Burger Challenge *insert Adam Richmond’s voice here*.

The Cyclist VS The Monster Veggie Burger

Darryl is a cyclist weighing in at 125 pounds and knew that eating a 3 lb veggie burger along with 1 lb of fries is indulgent and grossly un-healthy…BUT he also knew it would be fun.

Here is the video from the challenge~

He did it!  Okay, he didn’t finish the MONSTER,  BUT he ate half and stopped before he felt like a pug who just ate a few pounds of raw hamburger.  (Seriously, Ryan had a pug growing up that did that.)

With Thanksgiving just 1 day away and Christmas just around the corner, we will all be indulging in some of our favorite foods and drinks the next few weeks.  BUT most of all, I hope YOU are also including some of your favorite friends, FAMILY, and of course, exercise.

How do you fit it in exercise on a holiday?

Well, I know I will be getting up an hour earlier than I truly want to on Thanksgiving morning to fit in an hour run.  I am a working a few hours during the late morning/ early afternoon AND I know there will be treats upon treats in the break room.  I will come prepared (aka with a few extra calories burned in the am).  I also plan to have a Thanksgiving feast with my family when I get home 🙂 (Turkey, chorizo stuffing, root veggies roasted in maple syrup, chocolate pie…I digress!) Maybe I should run for 2 hours, HA!

This Holiday season I want to remind you to~


MAKE 1 HOLIDAY SIDE DISH HEALTHIER (think no mayo or gravy)

or RUN!

Check out Darryl’s website @


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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2 Responses to CrAzY, INDULGENT, fun

  1. What a fantastic wrap up of my wild adventure, Kim. Thanks for covering this story and I hope your readers enjoy it….and drop by Big Daddy’s the next time they’re in Austin. Yeah, I did sort of feel like that pug when I was finished….hahahaha.

    Thanks again, Kim.

  2. That poor pug 🙂 Unfortunately, we have all felt a little like Cody some days. Thanks again for the opportunity. It was fun! Have a great Thanksgiving.

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