ThAnKs OcToBeR

What can I say about the past week?! It has been HECTIC, horrible, WONDERFUL, and too fast all at the same time.

WHY was it HECTIC?  I worked 4 12-hour shift this past week-YUCK! (Yes I understand this sounds ridiculous to all you 40+ hour a week workers, BUT that is just not my normal…and I pray it never will be!)

WHY was it HORRIBLE?  The truck needed new front brakes, the dryer broke, the garage door spring broke, and last, but not least, the coffee pot broke!  UGH!  Have you hung all your laundry to dry in a while…cuz let me tell you, it sucks!  Thankfully we have lots of bike frames lying around to hang our underwear and socks on 😦  AND it is way better than the washer breaking!  At least I can wash all my clothes 🙂  Could you imagine sweaty chamois smell after a week-gross!  I am also THANKFUL Ryan is handy and could help cut some of the costs by replacing the brakes himself and hopefully the dryer problem too!

WHY was it WONDERFUL?  Many reasons I suppose…

Ryan and I finished our 31 Days of Unprocessed Food Challenge.  We DID it!  (Incase you were wondering, our first unprocessed meal was pizza.  AND then we both had gut rot and went back to unprocessed goodness.)

Carson had his Kindergarten screening test and not only passed with flying colors, BUT floored the tester by reading books aloud on the floor without any prompting.  This is no huge surprise to me, but seeing as my little dude was 10 weeks premature…it is always a warm fuzzy feeling when my baby does above average for his age.  He also passed all hearing and sight screening tests…HUGE for a preemie!  LOVE that kid.  He has amazed me since conception.  (Trust me if you don’t know the story, it could fill a blog post every day for a year.)
It was Halloween, which means pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and all around fun. Here are a few of my favorite pics—>

WHY was it FAST?

I don’t know, but it seems like I just worked my weekend (Um, that was actually 3 weeks ago!), and here I am preparing for my 4 days stretch at work again 😦

I feel like I did a lot of running around this past week.  Both kids had Halloween parties at school on separate days AND I am still going to the chiropractor for therapy 3 times a week (Which I still need because my leg pain returned on Sunday, GRrr!) AND work AND everything else that goes into my daily life around here.

Do you ever look at your kids laundry and think to yourself, “Holy crap their clothes are huge!  There is no way these pants fit my little boy.” ? I fondly remember the tiny onesies, the little socks…Now it is jeans that are half my size and socks that could fit my feet (okay, kind of a stretch), and I don’t know…they are just growing up too fast.  I wish life had a *pause* button sometimes.

Can you believe this—>It is only 50 days until Christmas!!!!  What is even more unbelievable is that I think I may have designed our 2011 Christmas cards Wednesday.  YUP!  You heard me right.  One minute I was downloading 5 months worth of photos onto and the next I was looking at Christmas cards and then designed one I LOVE!  So there you have it, one thing checked off the list of 1000 things to do before Christmas. 🙂

Christmas 2010

Happy ThAnKfUl Thursday!

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