Thankful #unprocessed Thursday

I am THANKFUL for a lot of things this week…so bear with me 🙂

FIRST and foremost~ my kids, Ryan, and my dogs!

SECOND~ Could this go down as the best Fall weather in history?!  A girl can not complain when she can ride her bike in shorts and a long sleeve jersey and be too hot in MN in October!  I LOVE this! LOVE this!  LOVE this!  Plus, who doesn’t like to look at this~THIRD~ My injuries are being treated.  THANK YOU Dr. Ridge 🙂  My ridiculous lumbar spine is out of whack again 😦  BUT this could be part of the reason why my left leg and right glute has been painful with running or climbing on the bike.  Either way, I am getting treated.  I will NOT let this injury win!  

FOURTH~  I am so glad that we decided to sign up for the unprocessed challenge.  It has opened my eyes to SO many things that I never noticed before.  I would consider our family to be healthy eaters, BUT this has taken it to a whole new level.  AND I LIKE IT.  I feel better.  I am maintaining my weight even with the lack of training I normally do (see above stupid injury).  I have found all sorts of amazing websites to get recipe ideas and have learned how to modify some of our favorite foods.  Gotta be thankful for that.  Look at some of the stuff I have made this week (just put your cursor over the pic to get the description)—>

I hope you can find small things to be THANKFUL for in your daily routine!

About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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