Day In The Life

SUAR is doing a little “Day In The Life” contest to win one of her tech shirts—>Here is the background of the contest (taken from

“Life really is made up of the ordinary moments. A cup of hot coffee. A satisfying dump. A syrupy kiss from your kid as they head out the door. Changing the sheets. Putting dinner in the crockpot. Adding finishing touches to a report. Lighting a pumpkin sugar Yankee candle and letting it burn all day, filling the house with sweet aroma and covering up the odor of the satisfying dump.

This is precisely why I like to do my “day in the life” posts. Not because my life is so exciting. It is not. But, because these posts represent the every day wonderfulness of a life full of the small, exquisite details. All of them imperfect and perfect at the same time, if you know what I mean.”

So here is my “Day In The Life” Spinningitall style~

My day started to the sound of my alarm going off at 0720am *insert most annoying sound in the world here* AND then a quick 10 minute SNOOZE (apparently I like that annoying sound, because I replay it every morning) AND I am up.

I stumble across the hall to pee and then make my way into the boy’s room to get them up for school.  Let the dogs out, make the boys breakfast, wonder if Ryan is moving slower than normal- because the coffee is not brewing yet!, feed dogs, pee again (I am a 2 pee in the morning kinda girl.  Don’t know why?!  Always have been.), eat some oats and fruit and finally have a cup of coffee *phew*.  Now my day can start!

I drop the boys off at school at 0830 and head back home.  ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO IS NAP!!!!  OR read blogs, Facebook, look at Twitter, ponder what it would be like if I could get a decent camera and not post inferior pictures on my blog anymore…
BUT THANKFULLY, I went for a 25 mile ride instead!  This is why I ride—->I stop along the way to capture a caterpillar in my water bottle.  He will have a new home now 🙂  (Don’t worry I fed him fresh basil, parsley and other various leaves when I got home.)

I make it home at 1120am and have to bust out the door to get Carson by 1130am from pre-school.  Luckily, he doesn’t mind my sweaty self or me showing up to school beet-red with a bike jersey still on!  See he even wants to take a picture with me—->

(In my defense, I had to take a picture with him dressed as a bird!)

Lunchtime!  THANK GOD I am starving since starting the Unprocessed Challenge! I make a few scrambled eggs, cover them with left-over bruschetta toppings and chicken-wheatberry-cranberry salad and on the side eat some kale chips.  I take a picture of my food, cuz that’s what us bloggers are supposed to do, right?!


I make a blog post about why I ride my bike—->

AND then my favorite part of the day, NAP TIME!  Carson insisted on wearing his goggles during our nap, HA!


Again the alarm goes off at 1445pm…time to pick up Rowan from school.

I help my kids make Christmas Wish Lists.  WHY in the hell is there a Christmas Catalog out already?!  Seriously annoying.  BUT kind of interesting to see what they pick!  This year is Legos, Sponge-Bob hang-man game, and an Angry Birds game.

I got the stare down by the dogs to feed them.  They do this every day when I have my afternoon cappuccino.  If the espresso machine is on at 3pm they think they should eat then.  Sorry Bootsie, you have to wait a bit longer.My coffee sure was good though 🙂 AND yes, we serve it on fine napkins with some Mandarin orange rind on the side!

Now the dinner decisions need to be made. The kids will go to bed at 8pm and Ryan and I will finally be able to relax, talk without being interrupted and watch some bad TV.

Is it 5:30 yet?!  I could use a glass of wine.




About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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  1. Love it, your ride looked amazing. Who knew you peed twice in the mornings???

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