Iron Girl race recap (aka pity party)

Today was the Athleta Iron Girl Duathlon in Bloomington, MN.  It consisted of a 2 mile run, a 22.7 mile bike, and another 2 mile run to the finish.   Check out the Iron Girl website here:

This is my third time doing this event.  AND this morning started like any other pre-race morning:  a 0445am alarm, an attempt at forcing some oatmeal and a banana down my throat, a cup of coffee, load the car, say to Ryan in the driveway, “Why the hell do I do this stuff?  I feel like I may either puke or crap myself.  I am tired.  I want to be in bed right now.”, a kiss good-bye and a “Good Luck!” and off to drive to the event.  Today I chose this song to rock out to on the way: Comeback Kid !!

It is dark and chilly at 0545am when racking your bike in transition.  It is always full of some good people watching though 🙂  This is what it looks like~

Run 1:  My wave started at 0750am.  I started off with a bang- trying to ignore the stabbing pains in my left thigh, BUT it came to an abrupt stop right before the first mile marker.  I had to walk!  Seriously, walk…WTF!  I managed to somehow pull off a 8:16 pace for the first 2 mile run. (I am convinced I could have done a 7:30 if my leg didn’t hurt.)

Transition 1:  take off running shoes and visor, put on cycling shoes, put on sunglasses and helmet.  Go!  Total time 2:01

Bike.  Bike.  Bike.  I felt great on the bike today.  I certainly didn’t have a lot of people passing me.  I was in the “on your left” side of the race the whole time.  My leg only hurt on a couple of the climbs.  I was in a groove.  OR so I thought 😦
22.7 miles in 1:14:22 —mph 17.7  WTF! I ride casual rides faster than that pace every week.  I am starting to think my leg is more injured than I would like to believe. GRRRR!  (For the record, if you plug in 22.7 miles in 1:14:22 it is actually 18.3mph.)

Transition 2:  dismount from bike, run (as fast as you can for wearing slippery cycling shoes) to rack, take off helmet, sunglasses, and shoes, put on running shoes and visor. Take a sip from my Nuun bottle.  GO!   Total time 1:44

Run 2:  Much to my surprise my leg didn’t hurt when coming out of transition and climbing the first hill.  Deep breath.  I may get through this without too much walking.  Stopped alongside road and smooched Ryan and gave my boys a high 5.  Okay, yup, pain again…slow down the pace a bit and try to make it to the water stop without walking. Grabbed a water and walked through the station.  Back to running.  Ran the rest of the way, but WAY slower than I should have.  Pace was 8:45.  

“Kim Hall, from Eagan, Minnesota, you are an Iron Girl.”  Finish time 1:52:08

The pity party started immediately after crossing the finish line.  I wanted top 25 (let me explain that I was 37th overall last year) OR at very least a new PR.  I didn’t know my results yet, but I knew it wasn’t as good as last year.  Tears were shed, fists were pounded, and I believe the words “suck it!” were mumbled.

I am mad.  I am frustrated.  I am disappointed.  Could I have done better if I were injury free?  What didn’t I focus on correctly this year?   Why the hell was my bike time SO slow? (That is the piece of the puzzle that angers me the most.  The run I can surrender due to pain, but the bike, the bike is my thing.) 😦

*insert ego boost here*
 Reality check:  I was out there doing it!   I should look at this and say, “Great Job!”  I still beat 1011 other strong women. I wasn’t doing this stuff my entire life or even 4 years ago. I could, in fact, barely make it running 1 mile without stopping in 2008.  I have since ran two 1/2 marathons.  I have come a long way. There are gonna be bad days racing and great days racing.  Today will be chalked up as one of the bad ones, but at least I know there will be great ones in my future.


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3 Responses to Iron Girl race recap (aka pity party)

  1. Robin Fitzgerald says:

    Kim, I totally feel your pain. The first thing I learned after training by ass off for my 2nd triathlon, and ending 5 minutes slower than the year before, was that I just need to be happy I was out there. Be proud! Remember how far you have come from the days off beer, no excercise, and feeling crappy. You are an iron girl!

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