It is Thursday, Sept. 22nd and

…it is T-minus 3 days until the Athleta Iron Girl Duathlon!

YIKES.  I am not sure how this race came creeping up on me so fast, but I am not feeling as prepared as I have been in previous years.  Sure I have been riding my bike more and running more this year, BUT I have not focused on speed work, short distance runs, or transitions at all.  I have to believe that my efforts, dedication, and experience will pull me through this one.  I am not really nervous (yet).  I know what to expect (same course as last year).

HOWEVER, I have some big goals in mind for this one.  AND now I am feeling a bit run-down this week.  My piriformis muscle is acting up.  What does that mean you ask?  Well, it feels like I got ass punched and it sucks!  My left ITB (iliotibial band) is tight and hurts when I run.  This may be my body’s way of telling me I need a little break.  (Something I may or may not ignore, but certainly not until after this race.)  This race is “kind of a big deal” (to me).  Wish me luck bright and early on Sunday!

Today is Thursday.  So I am thankful, yes again, for the following random things:

~Two races down and only ONE to go 🙂  Half-marathon-check!  Chequamegon 40-check!

~I actually like some of my race photos from Chequamegon.  This is a first.  I usually look like I may be nearing death at any moment.  In these, I look happy.  Yup, happy.  It was fun!  

~I found this amazing  Maple Pumpkin Butter at Kowalski’s yesterday.  You MUST try it!  It is great on sliced apples 🙂  ~I LOVE that my boys are creative.  Rowan in particular is a huge fan of art.  He made this spooky pumpkin patch Peep diorama the other day.  The best part was that instead of saying “diorama” he would accidentally say “peep diarrhea.”  Maybe you had to be here, but it was gut-busting laughter all around.  Check it out—> ~Lastly I am thankful that children forgive almost instantly. AND that each new day brings new opportunities and new challenges and new insight.  No one ever said motherhood would be easy, but I can tell you that hearing your child say “You are never fun.” or “Go away.” or “I don’t love you.” is horrible.  It is so hard to not take these words personally.  It is so hard to stay calm through the storm (aka tantrums).  Motherhood is, however, the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  I am thankful for these two independent, strong-willed, silly boys.


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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2 Responses to It is Thursday, Sept. 22nd and

  1. I’ve been following you for most of the summer after Googling the Iron Girl Duathlon while I was trying to find first hand experiences of the event. I am doing it for the first time on Sunday and I am freaking out! I committed to doing the event a year ago and I couldn’t even run a mile until about two months ago. I have completed three 5ks this summer and I can run almost 3 miles now without stopping to walk. I run such a slow mile pace that I am worried I’m not going to make it within the cutoff times. I’m looking forward to the event as my sister is doing it with me even though she just ran the Iron Man two weeks ago. I am hopeful that my biking is strong as I am used to doing some pretty good distance riding. I hear the course is hilly! Goodluck on Sunday!

    • Amy, You will DU amazing things on Sunday! I am so proud of the progress you have made. I have never heard of a cut-off for the run portion of the race…especially the last 2 miles. People will be cheering you on and you will make it to the finish line. I promise.
      The course this year is the same as last year and the hills are not bad. 3 years ago it was a different story (we had to climb the ski jump hill twice!), but the course that is described on the Iron Girl website is doable for any cyclist.
      It doesn’t matter how much you train that last run kind of stinks. Your legs will feel heavy, you may even cramp, BUT just run through it. Keep telling yourself that you can do anything for 20 minutes. Let me know your number when you get it and my kids and I will cheer you on to the end 🙂

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