Psyching myself out…



and it’s working :/

SEPTEMBER is a BIG month for me.

My 6 year old starts first grade- which means I have to let go a bit.  He will be in school from 0830-1455 FIVE whole days a week.  My lunch buddy, my snuggle buddy, my little man…I think this may be a harder transition for me than him.  SO THANKFUL I still have my little 4 year old dude home with me- BUT WAIT, he will be gone THREE days a week a for THREE whole hours too.  How is this Mama gonna cope?!  (Maybe I will take a nap in the morning, get the errands done, take a 2 hour bike ride, paint a few rooms of the house, start swimming laps…the possibilities are endless.  OK, ok, a part of me may actually like this new-found freedom.)

I have TWO big races:  the Chequamegon 40 in TWO weeks, YIKES! *insert terrified face* (if you ever have a few hours to kill watch this ), and the Athleta Iron Girl Duathlon.  This is what I have been training for all summer (minus the half-marathon two weeks ago, which is out of my memory already).  I feel like it is crunch time, but realistically not much fitness can be gained in the next few weeks.  I must have faith in what I have done to prepare the past few months.  All I can do between now and race day is practice, practice, practice and maintain, maintain, maintain.  I am going to try doing some longer rides in preparation for Chequamegon (I am thinking it will take me around 3 1/2-4 hours to do it- but I have nothing to go on other than gut for this.) and some shorter, faster runs for the duathlon.  Let’s hope it works!  

~SIDE NOTE:  Does anyone else out there look at race results from previous years and get themselves all psyched out about times, splits, pace?  Ok, maybe it’s just me.  I have watched the Chequamegon video (see above) from start to finish to try to mentally prepare myself for the terrain.  (What I really need is to physically prepare myself for the terrain!)  I have over-analyzed my splits, pace and transition times from the past few years of Iron Girl.  (I have high hopes on this one, but not sure how much I can improve from last years finish.  These top women run 6:30/mile!)

September also brings a dramatic change in weather *sigh*!  It was immediately felt when I walked out of work this morning at 0730am.  It is like a light switch.  One day it is humid and 90degrees.  The next day it is a high of 64 and a low in the 40’s.  The air today just felt like, well, autumn.  There have been a few leaves changing colors in the yard and even a few have fallen from the trees.  Don’t get me wrong, I love September and October.  I just don’t like the 5 months following them!  



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