Where’d you take the bike?

Did you go on a joy ride today?  Yesterday Ryan and I ventured out on the Wild Goose Trail in Horicon, WI.  We originally had planned on riding the whole trail, but as usual, life happens faster than we want and we ran out of time.

My goal then changed to ride as hard as I could for 30 miles.  The trail is mainly crushed limestone with a few grassy sections in between.  It is beautiful, well-maintained, and secluded.  I think we only saw 5 other people in the two hours we were out there.  (Lucky for us, because there were no Biffys on the trail and for some reason we both had bladders like an 80yr old woman yesterday!)

After mile 20, my left hand was numb, my feet hurt and my shammy must have been situated all wrong- cuz things were just wrong, very wrong.  Either way, I kept on trucking, but I have never been so happy to get a pair of shoes off in my life when we were done!  Apparently it is time for some new mountain bike shoes *hint*.

The stats:

Total miles- 30.02
Total riding time- 2:02:34
Avg pace- 15mph (my Garmin said 14.5, Ryan’s bike computer said 15.0- I will go with his)

It was my first time off-road for that many miles. I am considering it good Chequamegon training.  The only downfall of the trail was that it was completely flat.  Ryan and I joked about it, but I honestly think we gained 6ft of elevation the entire trip, Ha!

I learned a few things on the journey.  #1 I NEED to put more miles in on my mountain bike in the next 3 weeks.  #2 I NEED to go faster if I want to well at the race (“do well” is subjective) #3  I NEED to figure out how to prevent my hand from going numb and my feet from keeling me.  #4 People in WI are missing out by not using this trail!


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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2 Responses to Where’d you take the bike?

  1. I love the Wild Goose Trail!! It’s well maintained, cause it seems like woodchucks love to dig in the limestone? I hardly see people on it except a old man that seems to always be there.

    • It was very well maintained. Unfortunately I think most of the traffic comes in the form of ATV’s and snowmobiles in the winter 😦 We only saw a handful of people out there- but we will definitely go back!

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