13.1 Race recap

image Well, I had a goal of 2:00:00 BUT I didn’t reach it 😦

I took a leap of faith and decided to try running with a pacer for this race-  I think my idea back-fired.   I lined up with 2:00:00 pacer at the start line.  Her goal was maintaining a 9:10 pace, walk briskly through all water stops and take our time climbing the hills.  It seemed reasonable to me- so I stayed with her and the rest of the group until Mile 6.  

The only problem was that we were maintaining a pace under 9:00 and often my Garmin said we were staying closer to a 8:30-45.  I think I went too fast too early.  Although, I felt pretty good until the long, dreaded hill AND then I just couldn’t hold my bladder anymore. I had to pee, BAD!  I made the decision to stop and use the Biffy.  I thought there was a slight chance I could catch up to the group, but it never happened.

I watched my Garmin closely and tried my best to keep my pace around a 9-9:15. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I just fell short.  At mile marker 10, I probably could have made it.  I was at 1:34:00 total time.  

BUT I didn’t.  I kept telling myself that there were only 3 short miles left and I can do under 9 min miles on my training runs (consistently).  Keep moving!  Keep moving!  

At mile marker 12, I knew all hope of reaching my goal was gone.  I hurt.  I felt defeated. My thighs just burned.  I stayed pretty strong to the end and finished at 2:03:31- new PR!

My first “half-marathon” was only 11.2 miles.  My longest run ever before yesterday was 11.75 miles.  Either way you look at it, those extra last few miles are painful (for me).   I am continually amazed and thankful that these two legs of mine can run that far.  I know that I couldn’t have done this 2 years ago- success!

BUT, I am still beating myself up for not sticking with the pacer, because they DID finish under 2 hours.  I promised myself I would run my own race, and that is what I did. AND maybe, just maybe, my potty break took 3:31 🙂

~Do you get disappointed when you don’t reach your goal?

~Why am I always so sore after these races?  You wouldn’t really think there was that much difference between running 11.75 miles at a 9:40 pace and running 13.1 miles at a 9:16 pace.  I am hobbling around today like an old lady.  Going down stairs is being avoided at all costs!

~The weirdest part of all this…I am already trying to figure out when my next half-marathon will be.  I WILL not be defeated again!  Maybe the Monster Dash Half is in my future??


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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6 Responses to 13.1 Race recap

  1. Lisa says:

    Next time leave the garmin at home and don’t look at any clocks…I dare u!

  2. Lisa, I know I should, but I am addicted 🙂 How can you avoid looking at the clocks when they have them at every mile marker? It would be like not looking at the car accident along side the road when you are driving by…impossible.

  3. Lisa says:

    New challenge…running without garmin with a focus to not look at the clock…you will be amazed!

  4. Lisa says:

    ok…u can wear your garmin, but you can’t look at it…

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