Mountain biking 102 and 103








=SUCCESS! and I even have a battle scar to prove it 🙂

Day 1(Lesson 102)
Second day of mountain biking, ever.  Ryan and I and two friends decided to ride Sallie Barber in Breckenridge.  Part of the route was on the same paths as the Breck Epic, which was pretty cool. 
This was described to me as an “easy” path, ha! It took us up a very challenging climb and I was  amazed at how great I felt climbing this beast. (success) BUT then came the decent- :O Holy Crap I was scared!  I did make it down a good rocky portion, but then it got increasingly difficult and I fell and then was just done.  (Half success) I got a little battle wound to prove it!
Lesson learned: sit back on the seat, stay loose, and look where you want to go- not down!

Day 2(lesson 103)
Third time riding the bike…a little gained confidence after yesterday.  Ryan and I left the condo and were ready to hit the Bakers Tank trail.  Again I was told this was an easy path, ha! I spent more time hiking a bike on very steep, rocky, rooted single track than I ever want to again.  BUT it was challenging and the views were breathtaking! (success) We stopped and took in the scenery and I am so glad we did it! It ended with a 1 mile 7% climb back to the condo- Ouch!
Lesson learned: do not believe the locals when they say a trail is easy!

What great fun! Here are a few of my favorite pics from the past two days of riding.


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One Response to Mountain biking 102 and 103

  1. endurogirl says:

    Easy is very subjective, isn’t it?! Kudos to you for doing your first ride ever in the Colorado mountains. I’m jealous. I would love to visit there and go for a bike ride someday.

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