Venting frustrations

…and feeling overwhelmed!

Frustration #1:  a mountain bike that is not functional!  I am borrowing an amazing bike from a friend of mine for the summer, but the problem is that it wasn’t in working condition when I got it. (To his defense, he had no idea that it didn’t work.)  The front fork and brakes needed some adjustments- 4 hours of Ryan’s mechanical skills later– still no working bike as of 1pm today.  GRRRR!

Not only did I have a mountain bike date with a girlfriend, but Chequamegon is only 7 weeks away.  I have only given the MTB bike a test run and one loop thru Lebanon Hills. I don’t expect greatness at the finish line, but I do expect to finish.  Ryan says “riding a bike is riding a bike.”  Here’s to hoping he is right and we get that bike fixed ASAP!  (I also wanted to skip bringing my road bike to CO this year and bring the MTB instead to get some much-needed off-road miles in.  Hmmm, let’s hope for a quick call to the bike company tomorrow am and an overnight shipment of the needed part!!!!)

Frustration #2:  This freakishly HOT and humid weather!  I am out of here Minnesota.  I HATE the winters and am beginning to dislike the summer just as much.  It is so hot by 9am that you can’t get a long run in unless you:  a) get up at the sunrise OR b) have someone supply you water along the route.  Both these options are NOT an option for me.  BLAH :/ Time to make “Operation Boulder” happen!  (Yes, I know they have winter and snow there.  AND yes, I know it is HOT during the day there too.  The difference is it is not humid and it cools off at night.  NO 24 HOUR a day air-conditioning in summer and 24 HOUR a day heat in the winter.  I want my windows open! Plus, you can bike almost every day there.)

Frustration #3:  My kids volume control!  Where is the MUTE button on these creatures?! Today is just one of those days where they are pushing every button possible to drive me insane.  Deep down I know it is not truly their fault but my own intolerance because I am crabby.  BUT Holy crap!  If they aren’t LOUD, they are whining, crying, or just plain annoying.

Okay, you know I LOVE them to pieces, but I am just keeping it real here.  Some days, some days… I just wonder what in the world I did with myself when it was just Ryan and I. Oh yeah, I slept and worked a lot more, probably went out to eat too much, and I know we went out for drinks a little too often…oh yeah and Mexico vacations…I digress.

…maybe sleep, money, eating out, Mexico vacations, and cocktails are over-rated after all.  Today I am healthier.  I am  stronger.  I am sleep-deprived.  I am poor.  I am a Mama. I take  biking vacations.

I prefer the NOW! (I can say this because it is T-minus 10 minutes until the kids bedtime, a glass of wine is poured, and sushi will soon be picked up. Ha!)

What do you do to unwind at the end of a long day?  See above.

If you could go back in time would you?  No way.

Do I really see myself moving to Colorado in the future?  YES!  We just need to sell our house and find jobs 🙂


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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