Weekend warrior

Okay, my goal for the past weekend was:
Friday- bike 20, run 2
Saturday- run 4
Sunday- run 10
Monday- bike 30

My actual workouts went more like this:
Friday- bike 17.3 (pace 17 mph), run 2 (pace 9:00)
Saturday- run 3.8 (pace 8:56)
Sunday- run 9 (pace 9:37)
Monday- rode around the block a few times with the boys and rode to the gelato shop for an after dinner treat 🙂

So, all in all, I did what I set out to do.  Today was kind of a wash, but the boys needed some quality Mama time and they LOVE it when Ryan and I ride our bikes with them. The best part is that they are finally getting strong enough to keep up a decent pace for a few miles.  I LOVE THAT!

My thighs were screaming at me after my run yesterday.  I did 3 days of running in a row and that is a huge no-no to me.  I normally try to alternate with biking as much as possible.  My body just needs time to recuperate after a run, especially a long run.  (“Long” run being relative.  To me, 9 miles is long.  To a marathon runner, 20 miles is long.  To me a year ago, 4 felt long.) So instead of pushing my body further than it needs to go, I decided to take a rest today.  My legs were telling me to stretch, do a light ride, and some yoga. This is what I did.  I still have one more night shift left at work to get through after all 😦

It is great to set goals, but you have to listen to your body.  If you are having pain, take it easy.  No one needs a stress fracture or any other preventable injury for that matter.

My goal for my half marathon is 2:00:00.  I am not extremely confident that I can maintain a 9:15/mile if it is hot.  I will still TRY my best to do it, but it may not happen this time around.  I am SO inconsistent with my run times lately (see above).  I have thought about running with the pacer at this race to try to keep my pace steady.  I have my doubts about that idea… have any of you ran with a pace group?  Any suggestions?  Do I need to talk to them or can I still chill and listen to my tunes? Do they run through the water stops or do they account for this time in the GOAL time?  HELP!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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