BMI- fact or crap?

BMI —->

Body mass index (BMI) is a tool for indicating weight status in adults. It is a measure of weight for height. For adults over 20 years old, BMI falls into one of these categories: Below 18.5 (underweight), 18.5-24.9 (normal), 25.0-29.9 (Overweight) and 30.0 and above (obese).

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and Above Obese

You can figure out your BMI here:

According to my calculations, I have a BMI of 26 OR in other words am in the “overweight” category.  I am okay with this, because I am indeed overweight.  What bothers me is that if I lose the 10# I would like to, I am a 24.5 (which is barely in the “normal weight” category).  If I lost another 30# on top of that, I would still be in the “normal” zone.  WEIRD.  That would put me at my skinniest highschool weight, which was pretty damn thin.

My husbands BMI at his last MD appt was 24.4 (almost in the overweight category)-  REALLY WEIRD!  He has a body fat % less than 10.

BMI does NOT take into consideration your muscle mass versus your body fat.  It is strictly a measurement of weight to height ratio. That is why I say it is CRAP!  I say don’t worry so much about the number on the scale- worry about your body fat% and how you feel.  Are you active?  Do you eat healthy?  Where is there room for improvement?

Don’t get me wrong.  America has a HUGE problem.  Did you happen to see the new obesity statistics that came out?  12 states now have obesity rates of 30% and higher (YIKES), say the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who base their information on a 2010 survey that shows no state reported an obesity rate lower than 20%. This contrasts sharply with the situation only ten years earlier, when in 2000, no state reported an obesity rate higher than 25%.

Here is an interesting map of the US and it’s obesity % by state:

Yet another reason Colorado is amazing 🙂

How do you decide what your “ideal” weight is?  Is it a number on the scale?  Is it certain pair of “skinny jeans”?  Is it different now than it was 10 years ago?

My “ideal” is an unknown number.  I haven’t reached it yet- I will let you know when I do and how I figured it out!


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