Running is < Cycling

…this is the basis of the conversation that Ryan and I had last night while watching the TdF.  Ryan greatly dislikes running.  I, however, have a love/ hate relationship with running.  I LOVE what it does for my body and fitness. I HATE doing it.

The conversation started when we were talking about how many miles we rode our bikes this past week.  My total was 79.  Ryan’s total was 179ish.  There is a little contest between the Lifetime Fitness cycle clubs that sparked the talk.  I was saying there was a guy who logged over 300 miles last week.  That is a shit load of biking.  My comment to Ryan was that he probably doesn’t have 2 kids, a job, etc…  Ryan’s response:”You could do that too if you wanted to.”  Me: “huh? I can barely find the time to get in 20 miles in one setting!”  Ryan:  “Just get up early and ride!”  Me:  “I don’t just bike remember?!  I also am training for a half-marathon.”  Ryan:  “Running is dumb.” Me: “No it’s not!”  Basically, I got very defensive and was protecting “my run”.  Ryan says:  “One in twenty runs you come home and say it was great.  Runners are never smiling.”  Hmmm.  Back to drinking a Fat Tire because this conversation is going nowhere fast!

Well, this morning my alarm went off at 6:45am and I DID NOT want to get out of my comfy bed and run.  SNOOZE for another 10 minutes and got my butt dressed and out the door.  I told you I had to get that haunting 8 mile run in!

What a crappy first 4 miles!  Literally!!  I am very thankful for the city strategically placing Biffy’s along my route.  OR maybe I plan my routes along the Biffy’s 🙂  The whole time I am running, I am replaying the conversation that Ryan and I had last night.  He is right! (Well kinda.)  I usually don’t feel great running.  I do feel great after though- does that count for something?  I have never had to stop cycling due to GI issues, much less 3 times in  3 miles.  WTF!  Well, the last 5 miles went off without a hitch at least and I completed my dreaded 8 mile run.  CHECK.

I came home and was ecstatic to see I kept my pace below a 9:20/mile. (I stopped my garmin during the pit stops.) It was time to refuel. I ate my normal steel-cut oats and fruit and packed a coconut water to take along to t-ball practice. I have to say, that stuff is delicious and helped me feel refreshed an hour after exercise.  Try it!

This morning when I woke up and the first 3 miles:  running was<cycling.  When I got home and completed what I set out to do, running was well just running.  What can I say?  I prefer my bike.  BUT I will keep on the running wagon for now.  It does a body good!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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