Random “Fun facts” and other stuff

Hair of the dog… Asparagus?

STUFF:  a study by the Journal of Food Science suggests that the amino acids in asparagus may protect liver cells against the toxins in alcohol, alleviating cellular damage, and minimize hangovers. Cheers to that veggie!

FACT:  Odor is by far the most important contributor to the flavor of food. The contributions of taste, texture, and appearance are insignificant by comparison. Humans can distinguish an estimated 20,000 different odor qualities.  YOWZA!

FACT:  EAT THEM RAW or keep them whole!  There is a 25% DROP in the amount of the CANCER-FIGHTING compound falcarinol in carrots that are cut before they’re cooked.

FACT:  WALNUTS contain omega-3 fatty-acids, antioxidants, and phytosterols that together might ward of breast cancer.  Throw a handful on your salad or on top of your oatmeal!

STUFF:  NARINGENIN- A flavonoid found in grapefruit. It may help ward off metabolic syndrome, a condition that can progress to diabetes. It works by triggering the liver to burn up excess fat instead of storing it.

FACT:  Nearly 27 million Americans eat at McDonald’s—per day. GROSS!

Add at least 6 of these powerfoods to your diet each day!
almonds, beans, spinach, dairy, intstant oatmeal, eggs, turkey, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grains, extra protein powder, raspberries



FACT:  A row of corn always has an even number.

I am sure you will sleep better tonight knowing all these things 🙂  Have a great day!


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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