A girl and her bike

My day in numbers (on the bike)~

Total # of miles~ 19.65

Number of stop lights that were red and I had to wait~  14 (total of 9 minutes-grrr!)

Number of green lights~ a big ZERO!

Average speed~ 17.4mph

Swallowed cotton blossoms~ 3

Guys I “chicked”~ 2   🙂

Max speed~ 32.5mph (gotta love the downhills)

Temperature while riding~ 94 F

Max “Your Speed” sign~  23mph

Number of times I wanted to turn to go on a longer route~ 2 (but stopped due to guilt…I worked Friday and Saturday 10a-10p and needed some kid time)

Number of times I thought I should have gone on a run~ ZERO!  (too hot)

How is a girl suppose to train for a half marathon in this weather?  Oh wait!  My half is in August and it will probably be this stinkin’ hot and humid, ugh!  I need to get motivated to get up early one of these days to fit in my “long” run.  Maybe tomorrow…

Number of times I thought we should move our family to Colorado today~ 10!!!!!!!

Alberto Contador  is a baby!  No real man throws his bike in the ditch (numerous times).  A real man is Jens Voigt!  http://www.bicycling.com/news/2010-tour-de-france/saying-no-sag-wagon




About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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One Response to A girl and her bike

  1. Renee Hall says:

    I totally agree…Jens is the MAN!!!

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