I love eggs!  Where else can you get 6+ grams of protein, vit A, vit D, potassium and more for just 70 calories?  Gotta love that!

We hardly ever have eggs for breakfast at our house, but lunch time is often a serving or 3 of eggs.  Luckily, my boys have always liked scrambled eggs, over-easy egg sandwiches, and omelets.  When I am in a pinch and need something healthy and fast-  my number 1 go to meal includes an egg.

Here are some egg facts~

At less than 15 cents apiece, eggs are an affordable and delicious breakfast option.

The protein in eggs is the highest-quality protein found in any food. The high-quality protein in eggs provides the energy families need to perform their best on important days.

The high-quality protein in eggs helps you to feel fuller longer and stay energized, which contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Muscle strength and muscle-loss prevention: Research indicates that high-quality protein may help active adults build muscle strength and help prevent muscle loss in middle-aged and aging adults.

Eggs contain choline: Choline aids the brain function of adults by maintaining the structure of brain cell membranes, and is a key component of the neuro-transmitter that helps relay messages from the brain through nerves to the muscles.

Lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants found in egg yolks, help prevent macular degeneration, a leading cause of age-related blindness.

Todays lunch was a mediterranean omelet:  3 eggs, sautéed onion, red pepper and zucchini, all topped with some feta cheese.  YUM!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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