Are you addicted to stats?

I am… when I use my CardioTrainer app on my droid, when I am wearing my Garmin, even when I am checking to see how many people view my blog a day.  I am in some ways obsessed with numbers.

I have trained the last two years without knowing my pace until I got an official race report after finishing an event.  The only other time I have ever known my speed is if I happen to be riding with someone who had a bike computer or ran with a Garmin.  It was fine.  I still finished well.  I trained by going out and running as far as I could and some days at “race pace” (whatever that was in my mind) and by riding my bike as fast and efficiently as possible.  (I have a really hard time lolly-gagging on my bike.  I have to go as fast as I can for that day, period.)  This system worked for me.  I don’t know what my mile splits were last year at this time.  I have no idea if I could maintain 17mph for 30 miles on my bike last June.  All I have is race evidence that says I could maintain 19.2mph on the bike and a 7:40 and 8:30 respectively in the run portions of the IronGirl Duathlon last September.

So WHY am I obsessed with the data this year?

Maybe it’s because I have the devices that show me my overall time, my pace, my mileage- or is it because I really want to improve all these aspects of my training?! Whatever the reason is, it is addictive.  It is really hard not to compare (over analyze) on a day-to-day basis.

Yesterday I had planned on running 8 miles.  Well, I started out feeling like crap the first 1- 1 1/2 miles.  My left thigh hurt.  (This has been going on sporadically the past 7 months during runs- no idea why or what causes it.)  I had to use the biffy.  I was distracted and just not feeling my running mojo.  I stopped at mile 2 and regrouped.  I decided to make it a 4 mile day instead.  My pace the first 2 miles was horrible- around a 10:20. My second 2 miles I felt okay at a 9:20.  I got home and felt horrible.  I ran horrible.  My pace was SLOW.   Time to beat myself up…

Then I snapped out of it!  Running 4 miles slow and not feeling the groove is WAY better than sitting on the couch and doing nothing.  I need to give myself some slack.  I could have run slower than that last year at this time and I still did well in my events-  I just wasn’t aware of the details then.

Running is just weird for me.  When I have an off day on the bike, I still feel good when I get home.  When I have a bad day running, it messes with my psyche.  I am a bipolar runner.  One day I feel the groove and the next I don’t.  I love it.  I hate it.  Today I ran 9:20 pace, but it was really more like 8:30 most of the time.   Yesterday I was over a minute slower.  It will never make sense to me.

Do you obsess about your training data?  Do you compare one day to the next?


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2 Responses to Are you addicted to stats?

  1. Michelle says:

    If Stewart goes out without his Garmin or Power Tap head unit on his bike he’ll return after x amount of hours and say, “I have no data therefore I did not ride” 😉

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