Prevalent anti-cyclist behavior

This was a facebook conversation I had last night! So annoyed right now! Why do people act this way towards cyclists?!  I belong on the road, period.  Here are a few highlights of the conversation that has my blood boiling~ I kept my name on my responses only.

tatus stated:
NEWSFLASH: A bicycle is NOT a car. OMG.
    • omg seriously!

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    • Kim Hall (I kept my name on so you would know what I posted.) Every person you see on a bicycle is a human being…a mother, a daugher, a son, a grandpa, a friend. WE have every right as a car does on the road! Please read: MN Statute 169.222 OPERATION OF BICYCLE. Subdivision 1. Traffic laws apply. Every person operating a bicycle shall have all of the
      rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle by this chapter, except in respect to
      those provisions in this chapter relating expressly to bicycles and in respect to those provisions of
      this chapter which by their nature cannot reasonably be applied to bicycles. More info here:
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    • Kim Hall SMH

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    •  Omg Kim, too much! Do you stop at stop signs?? Cuz EVERY bike I come across on the road doesn’t…I have to stop. So should they!!!

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    • On the parkway?! Come on, isn’t that why there’s a bike path?? Get real cyclists, get in your lane, and that lane isn’t on the road. You wanna play the road, then then get a real bike aka Motorized aka Moped or motorcycle!!!
      S M H on this topic all day!

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    • Kim Hall Everyone I know that is a cyclist stops at stop signs! I won’t ride on a sidewalk…it is dangerous going 20mph when everyone is walking. I have seen plenty of cars drive thru the 4 way stop on my street. So, are they not cars then too?

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    • Oh Kim, I love you…but your cycling-packer backer ways are just so silly! And Tony, omg-the parkway will put me right over the edge! In the words of Luda, “move bit*h, get out the way!”

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    • We are too much alike 🙂 Gotta start kicking it again, like when we were little…lol.

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    • Kim Hall Anthony, bike paths have a designated speed of 10mph. I go 18-24 mph. I belong on the road. Read the statute.

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    • Kim Hall Go Pack! Bikes share the road with cars. Enough said.

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    • Kim Hall Minneapolis was just voted most bike-friendly city in the US. Let’s not ruin it people.

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    •  We could argue this till I hit Alaska, bikes belong on the bike path. You got blinkers? Hi-viz reflective vest? Brake lights? Come on now, u pedal 24?…..SMH…..Idk u but sorry, too funny!

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    •  Finally, MPLS bike friendly why? Because of all the lakes and with that ALL THE BIKE PATHS!!

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    • Hahahaha. Kim, you are the one biker I’ll support, but you gotta admit some of your peeps aren’t on your level. Drivers aren’t either but I’m just saying 😉

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    • This makes my blood boil. I am cautious of cyclists but swerved and almost hit another car head on trying to avoid a biker who didnt stop at a stop sign (i didnt have one). And he screamed and gave me the finger. Way too many cyclists dont know what they are doing. Maybe they are beginners or just ignorant… But if they battle with a car, theyre never gonna win.

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    • Kim Hall ‎@Anthony, yes I can pedal 24+mph. I average 18mph. Idk u either, but you seem to have forgotten that the riders in the Tour de France are climbing the Alps at those speeds, and there are none here. The point is that I don’t want to be running over your kid, your girlfriend, your grandma on a sidewalk or multi-use trail.

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    • Okay, soooo….the moon looks purdy tonight…

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    • Kim Hall MPLS is gaining bike infastructure at a greater rate than most other cities in the country. That is why they received the bike-friendliest city acknowledgement, not at all because of the presence of what you believe are dedicated bike paths.

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    • Kim Hall Crystal you lit a fire here! Yes the moon is pretty, but it was better last night 🙂

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