Your speed 7


I did it!  I made the “Your Speed” sign say 7 mph while running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also passed two people on bikes while out on my run yesterday 🙂  Okay, they were old, very old.  In fact, they were adorable on their bikes cruising around the neighborhood on a leisurely stroll.  I hope Ryan and I are 80 years old and still biking together.  Check out the story about Octavio Orduno here—

Some days I am just meant to run and others not so much.  Yesterday was a great run! The first 1 1/2 miles kinda felt sluggish but I was determined to make my workout calendar goal of 6 miles.  I haven’t run 6 miles since January while training for my half- so it was time to kick it up a notch.  I always feel crappy working out when I am on my stretch of time at work.  There is just something that staying up all night and getting only 6 hours of disruptive sleep does to your body that I can’t explain unless you have done it. Here is the mileage breakdown:
Mile 1 9:14
Mile 2 9:44 (pretty hilly thru mile 2-3)
Mile 3 9:32
Mile 4 8:53(where I hit over 7mph)
Mile 5 8:57(when I passed the elderly and felt like I won a race, ha!)
Mile 6 9:52 (kinda bonked after only eating a yogurt and granola)

I was really hoping for a sub 9 average, but pulled off a 9:23 for 6 miles.  Not too shabby on no sleep and little food.

If you haven’t pushed yourself to run a little farther than comfort allows, I suggest you try it.  I have been on this journey of health, weight loss, better living for a few years.  The scale really didn’t budge for me the first 2 years (pretty sure only 5-10 pounds total).  My body changed A LOT!  I went down a size or two in clothes, but it bugged the crap out of me that when I stepped on the scale it still said the same number over and over again. Ryan reassured me that things were changing.  I was gaining muscle.  Not until I trained for the half marathon this winter did a significant amount of weight actually come off at once.  I lost another 10 pounds over the winter.  I really can only contribute this to upping my running mileage.  I biked the same amount and ran the same amount of days, but I ran longer.  I pushed myself beyond comfort.   If the scale hasn’t moved for you on your weight loss journey, try adding a few extra miles to your weekly routine.  It worked for me-  now I need to do it again.  Hence, the half marathon in August.

Random food pic of last night’s dinner.
Pork tenderloin, carrot-apple slaw salad         
(see salad recipes), corn on the cob (cut
off for my toothless 5 yr old), and a few
sweet potato fries from TJ’s.



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