Summer vs Winter running


Let me start by saying, I love summer!  As I was out running yesterday in 85F and humidity, I realized that summer running is a lot different from winter running…seems obvious I guess, but what I found most interesting is the things they had in common.

Winter Runs~

Go out in the afternoon when the sun is at its warmest.

Dress in layers, so you don’t overheat once warmed up.

Run alongside the road instead of on the sidewalk- the road is less icy.

No need for a water bottle (this is my theory, don’t follow it!) in the cold.

Your earbuds stay put in your ears with your headband or hat.

When you are finished, you need to get inside, get your wet layers off, and get warm.

Winter gear seems to have more pockets, pockets for your phone or iPod.

Running is hard!

Summer runs~

Go out in the early morning or late evening to avoid the heat.

Dress in as little clothes as possible, attempting not to offend anyone.

Bring a water bottle.  You may need to fill it up along the way too!

Your earbuds will fall out of your sweaty ears constantly, driving you crazy.

There is just no place to carry a phone or iPod conveniently.

Run where ever the shade is, even if that means alongside the road.

When you are done, take off your wet clothes and cool off.

Running is hard! 

I ran 6 miles yesterday.  It was hot and humid and truthfully, a little uncomfortable.  I was really beginning to question why I signed up for a half marathon at the end of August.  The chances of it being hot and humid are very high.  BUT then I reminded myself why I did it in the first place, it is motivation to run.  It is the only reason I ran 6 miles yesterday!  It keeps me true to myself and my personal goals.  I will PR this half no matter what the time~ my “half marathon” in January was only 11.6 miles long. (Apparently whoever set up the course, shorted it by 1.5 miles.) I just need to adjust my running time to early morning or late in the evening on days when it is really hot.  Yesterday I ran at 3:30pm and felt the sun beating me down the entire time.  I was very thankful for a water refill half way in to the route.  PS.Carrying a water bottle while running kind of stinks! However, it was fun spraying water on my 5 yr old, who happen to be kind enough to join me on his bike 🙂


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