Competitive or Driven

Do you have any friends or fellow cyclists/runners who say, “I’m just here to beat myself.  I’m really not that competitive.”  REALLY?!

How do you ride/ run a race and not want to beat the girl or guy ahead of you?  Isn’t it human nature to be competitive?  AND isn’t the point of racing to beat people, to race?!  Maybe you really don’t care so much about who crosses the finish line ahead of you, but you have to care about your time, don’t you?

I just don’t see the point of going out and lolligagging.  Whenever I am running, I check my mile splits.  Yes, every time, even when I am running while pushing the Chariot and stopping to pick up dog poo along the way. I ALWAYS want to improve.  I ALWAYS want to beat yesterdays time.  Sad to say, but I ALWAYS want to beat you too 🙂 My husband taught me that every one ahead of me is a “rabbit” and like a dog at the track, you gotta keep chasing ’em down.  OR he also always says, “ABP” which is his acronym for Always Be Passing!  Clearly, we are both competitive.

Today I went out and rode my bike.  What a gorgeous MN day!  When I got home, I immediately checked my CardioTrainer on my phone to see how far and fast I rode. It said I rode 28 miles and maintained a 15.9mph average. What?! That is slow for me.  This did not seem right.  I pre-mapped my route and thought it was over 30 miles AND I really felt strong today.  I then realized it was missing two spots along my route.  There must have been a weak GPS signal.  So I re-mapped my route using and then recalculated my miles and pace.  I ended up riding 32 miles at an average pace of 17.9mph.  This is much better.  It was a hilly route, but I pushed myself hard and even harder at every “speed limit” sign.

God, I LOVE those “SPEED LIMIT” signs along the roads.  It is my chance to sprint against myself.  Today’s high speed was 28mph 🙂  ***I even run faster when I see them, unfortunately, my highest running speed caught was 6mph.  In my defense, it only goes from 6 to 7- so I could have been running at 6.9mph and the sign still would say 6.

Maybe I am too competitive, but I just want to be faster and stronger and better every time I get outside.  I know it isn’t always possible, but I will never stop trying!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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