More cowbell!

Happy Memorial Day!

What a great holiday!  We started the day driving through a hail storm to go watch Ryan race in the Memorial Day Criterium in Brooklyn Park, MN.  Luckily, the sky cleared right when the race was about to start.

The boys came along and are always excited to come cheer their parents on.  Today the theme was “more cowbell”!  This could be why we were hanging out by ourselves, but I say, “Hey, everyone needs a little more cowbell enthusiasm in their life.”  I LOVE hearing them when I am racing- why not spread the love?! “Go Papa Go!” We even rang them for the pace car, HA!

The roads were still a little slick from all the rain… and we were reminded again how lucky we have been in all our races throughout the years.  There was a fairly big crash towards the end and one of the guys dislocated his shoulder- ouch!  Luckily,  everyone is fine other than a bit beat up.  Ryan only had a little tire mark on his calf from where someone bumped into him, but he was good and dirty from the road grit after this race!

After the race, I had the first of many biffy stops for the year. A few years ago I used to be completely disgusted by them….now they are just a fact of racing life.  If you have ever ran any distance and needed a bathroom, you know how much you almost want to kiss this blue thing when you reach it!  (Not really, that would be super disgusting, but man, I have prayed to God for one to come along before.)

As far as races go, you WILL need it before you run or get on your bike.  After spending the last two years at the Leadville 100 MTB being crew for Ryan, (when you are up at 0300am and on the course until 1700pm at minimum) I have gotten over any fears of the Biff. Someday, you may find yourself taking a picture of one too 🙂 I digress.After the race we went out for lunch and then headed back home so I could get a ride in before dinner.  I met my friend, Tina, and we did a beautiful 30mile loop through St Paul along the river.  I LOVE that route!  We only had one mishap, a flat.  😦 Luckily, I was able to change the flat no problem (minus a little help from a nice man who had the strength I was missing to get the tire back on the rim).  This is a huge success.  I have only changed one other flat and it was over a year ago~ every once and awhile I surprise myself!  (I even have the greasy hands and bar tape to prove my skills were put to the test.)

I even pulled off a great farmer tan from the days activities…Horray for an 80F day 🙂

The day ended with roasting some s’mores with the boys around the bonfire and a yummy sushi dinner with Ryan. No complaints here!


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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