Home.  Home.  What does it mean to be home?  Home is such a big word.  To me, the word home, means both my current residence and my home town, Mayville, WI.

I alway feel a little nostalgic when I head to my home town.  It is a little rural community of less than 5000 people.  It is surrounded by farm land and open fields.  You really knew everyone.  When I walk around there now, I still know most of the people.  It was such a different life than where I am now.  I know my neighbors, but go a block away and I have no idea who they are.  I don’t bump into people I know at the grocery store.  (This is not such a bad thing!)  I biked everywhere I went and I did so without my parents worrying about me.  My kids are not allowed further than a block away, granted they are only 4 and almost 6yrs old.

When I grew up there, there weren’t any fastfood restaurants.  Almost every one had a garden.  If you were eating lunch, you were eating something you made.  You could only go to restaurant and get a meal if you sat down to eat.  Almost 20 years later, there is a McDonald’s (GROSS) and a Subway.  Those are the fast food options. It is a little different now, but still very small town, in a good way. It keeps people honest.

Ryan and I ventured “home” yesterday to visit my mom, my brother and his family, and my grandpa, who is going to be 93 this year!  I worked until 0730am Thursday morning and we were on the road by 0900am.  Fastest take off time ever!  Luckily, the boys “whispered” the first 2 1/2 hours of the trip to let me get some much deserved sleep.  It is hard to stay awake all night and keep going all day the next day.  If you haven’t tried it, I wouldn’t suggest it.  It leaves you with a sort of “hang-over” feeling without all the fun of the night before 🙂

We have gotten pretty good at traveling with the kids.  There is a system in place to keep everyone happy, including the dogs.  Luckily, there are some great resting stops along the way where we can get out and stretch our legs and find a semi-healthy lunch at Subway.  I often try to pack lunches in advance, but in a pinch, Subway will do the trick.  I just made sure to pack up some fresh veggies, fruit, and nuts to munch on along the way too.

What kind of things do you and your family do to keep things on track when you travel?

We ALWAYS bring our bikes, including the boys.   (Yes, even in the winter.  Grandma has a great unfinished basement for the kids to do laps and for us to set up our trainers.)  We also ALWAYS bring our running shoes.  That is the great thing about running, it can be done anywhere and really in any weather. (Proved by all my very cold, -4F, runs this winter while training for my first half marathon.)  We also really don’t budge much on our diet.  (This sometimes does not go over well by my family.  BUT, it is my life.  It is my body.)

Do you stick to your workouts and your diet when traveling?

Today for breakfast my mom made blueberry pancakes and sausages.  The kids LOVED them.  I really have never been a pancake fan, so my motto was, “Have oats. Will travel.”  I stuck with my Irish Oats and fruit.  My stomach thanked me for this one.  Everytime, yes everytime, I eat pancakes, I get a belly ache.  I always regret it.  The big doughy ball in my stomach- yuck.  My point is, don’t let traveling get in your way. I knew the local grocery store wouldn’t carry my oats, so we packed them up and brought them along.

Lunch was a fresh turkey sandwich with Widmer brick cheese, sliced tomato, sprouts, and lettuce, accompanied by fresh veggies with hummus, and cantaloupe.  So far, I have kept myself on track this trip.  YEA me 🙂 You can be healthy when you travel.  You can still make the right choices.  You don’t have to sacrifice your workouts and sabotage your diet.  Sure, have fun and treat yourself.  Just don’t ruin everything you have worked so hard for!

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