To Newton or not to Newton?

By now most of you know that I aspire to be a better runner.  Well heck, I aspire to be a better cyclist, mother, wife, nurse, cook, gardener….you get the idea!  I know where some of my running downfalls come from.  The first is just putting it on the back burner and not fitting in those important high mileage days.  The second is I just go out and run.  I check my pace at the end and TaDa! I am done.  I should really be doing fartlek’s and hill repeats, speed work, blah, blah, blah.  The third is that I am a heel striker *gasp*:/

So now that I know my weaknesses, how do I go about correcting them?  Do I start at the gait analysis?  I made a weak attempt at forefoot strike the last 1/2 mile of my 4 1/2 mile run yesterday…all it did was leave me with sore shins.  Clearly, that is not the correct approach.  I have no idea what I am doing.

Is the answer a pair of Newton Lady Isaac’s (  I can watch YouTube videos all day long on how to change my gait, but seriously it is more complicated than that.  Is a mere shoe really going to change my gait?  AND can I train for my half marathon in these new shoes? (My half is August 21.) HELP!

The speed work, fartleks, and hill repeats most likely won’t happen.  Although, when I run while the boys are riding their bikes next to me, it is kind of like fartleks.  Slow at times (any incline for my 4-year-old) and super fast (downhill) at times.  The hills, well honestly, I just don’t like them.  Sometimes I plan my running routes to avoid them all together. I know it is wrong, but I will tackle all hills on two wheels.

I just really want to get out and run.  It should be as simple as that, right?

Any advice on how to get a better gait or the transition to forefoot strike would be greatly appreciated.

PS I have no intention of ever being a barefoot runner.  The nurse in me is completely repulsed by that idea.  Do you know what is lurking on that road, concrete, grass?  BLECH!


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5 Responses to To Newton or not to Newton?

  1. Nora says:

    I am a barefoot minimalist runner. I ran in nike frees for a few months and wound up with 2 stress fractures to my tibias.. I just recently tried the Newtons and sent them back. I wanted to really love them but they made my feet right under those lugs go all tingly.. Good luck!

  2. Hi spinningitall,

    I think a gait analysis would be the ideal place to start. Some Podiatry Clinics offer gait analysis as part of a Biomechanical Assessment. A gait analysis will look at the way you move when running and will look at the way your feet strike the ground and will look for every opportunity to aid your performance. If you require orthotics they can be prescribed at this appointment. The Podiatrist will also look at your foot type and may be able to advise the best training shoe for you.

    Hope this helps

    • Thanks for the advise. I will definitely look into getting a true gait analysis. I have gone to a dedicated running store in the past to get assistance and was not impressed with the service. I basically was told my foot was “normal” by some high school kid who had no idea what he was doing and couldn’t even fake it. A podiatrist would be a great place to start.

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