Yard work, shmard work!

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have our little condo back.  Why? you ask.  Who has time for all this yard work?!  The first beautiful day in over a week and here we are doing yard work for the past 8 hours.  Cutting the grass, trimming some evergreens (by some, I mean a metric ton), pulling weeds… all things we had to get done.  Don’t get me wrong, the yard looks the best it has in 2 years.  Really, it does look great:)

It is hard enough to find time to fit in a bike ride or run some days as it is, and now it is the season of yard chores too.  I am not complaining.  If I was ever going to start my own business, it would probably be a little flower and landscaping store.  I actually LOVE being outside.  I prefer to be the one that cuts the lawn.  I plant flowers and love having a vegetable garden that I can walk to every day and grab some organic, home-grown crops.  I am only complaining about it because it interferes with my exercise.

If you are married to or dating an avid cyclist, you will understand that when my husband agrees to put off a ride to help me with the yard work, I am elated and can not complain about missing my own ride.  I am pretty sure his list of priorities is God, family, bike, anything else, outdoor chores (with family and bike being interchangeable depending on what point of the training season he is in). I actually think the only reason he agreed to help me is because I told him he could “break out the chainsaw!” 

A condo would be nice.  No yard chores to worry about.  No snow removal.  No outdoor maintenance.  Think of all the time I would have to ride my bike or run or maybe learn to swim better….  WAIT A SECOND.  I would still have two dogs that need exercise and two small children to care for.  I wouldn’t have any more training time than I do now.

I guess I will keep my yard.  The yard where my children and dogs can run freely (confined to a fence of course). The yard where I can walk barefoot in the grass and know who’s dog crap I accidentally stepped in:)  The patio where we have had a fire burning all afternoon.  The garden where my kids and I grab cherry tomatoes from the vines.  The deck where I can sit and  put my feet up and drink a beer in privacy after a long ride.  I will keep it all.

Enjoying being HOME today.


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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