To Brute or not to Brute?

I HATE being sick.  I am not good at it, and it makes me whine like my 4 year old at Target.  I HATE not being able to run or ride my bike even more.  I am so annoyed right now that this cough has transformed into full-blown lung butter that I WANT TO SCREAM!

Maybe this seems crazy?!  Everyone needs a little rest you say.  BUT I have plans.  I have been wanting to do the Arcadia Brute ( since February.  I had a babysitter and dog-sitter lined up and ready to go.  Now I sit here and struggle with what to do.  My heart says “Get on your bike and ride.”  My mind and body say “Sit down and relax.”  I know what is best.  I just do NOT like it one bit.

Why is it that when I become physically incapable of exercise, my desire to do it ramps up 100%?  There are plenty of days when I lack motivation.  There are plenty of days where being lazy and eating like crap seem like a great idea.  However, I have transformed.  I am now a cardio junky.  I NEED it 6 days a week.  I thrive on it.

The Brute was special to me.  I was going to spend a few hours in the car with Ryan (no kids) before the ride, ride until my legs fell off, and then get some dinner and head back home.  I was up for the challenge.  I am heart-broken that my lungs feel like crap. 😦 is an understatement!

Apparently there is a general rule that states if your illness is below the neck (ie chest cold versus head cold), YOU need to REST.  I am not sure I agree.  I am not sure that is the right option for me.

I want to ride my bicycle.  I want to ride my bike.  I want to ride my bicycle.  I want to ride my bike.  Bicycle.  Bicycle.

HELP me decide!  Leave a comment.  Subscribe.  Come on.  You know you have something to say.


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Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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5 Responses to To Brute or not to Brute?

  1. Renee Hall says:

    Ride baby ride!

  2. Sammybev says:

    Your body will respond, get on the bike!

  3. Michelle says:

    A few years ago I wanted to ride the Brute once more with my husband but wasn’t in great shape. So, we made a weekend out of it and I decided I’d ride until it wasn’t fun anymore and then get a SAG ride in. Not sure if you’ve made a decision already but my vote is that you make the trip, spend time with hubby and ride as much or little as you want. I was driving a part of the route today and it’s GORGEOUS!

    • The RN in me just can’t do it. I want to…and maybe if I would have got these messages before I left the house for the night, I would have changed my mind. Unfortunately, the opportunity for a babysitter has now slipped by.
      I wouldn’t take the SAG ride in. I would have to finish it no matter how bad I felt- it is best for me to stay home. I am going to do the Kickapoo Kicker and the Dairyland Dare. There will be no more illness raining on my fun.

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