Defined by Wikipedia:  Choice consists of the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one of them. While a choice can be made between imagined options (“what would I do if …?”), often a choice is made between real options, and followed by the corresponding action.

From the moment we get out of bed in the morning until the time we go back to sleep, we have choices about how our day will be.  You may choose to get up early or sleep in.  You decide what to have for breakfast.  (I would say that you can also choose to decide whether or not to eat breakfast, but NOT eating breakfast is the WORST choice ever!) I make a conscious decision to eat a good breakfast every day.  I LOVE my Irish Oats with fresh fruit and nuts.  I used to eat cereal, but made the CHOICE to switch to a healthier breakfast option.

You choose what to wear.  You choose what you will accomplish during the day.  You choose whether or not you will fit exercise into your day, whether or not you will eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whether to go through the drive-thru or not. (I hope NOT is the answer.) You get the point.

Athletes don’t wake up motivated every day.  Ironman finishers are not going to tell you that every day during training they woke up at 0400am with a smile on their face to train for 3-4 hours before heading to work or starting their day.  I don’t always want to get out and run or get out for a ride.  I just know that I have NEVER REGRETTED EXERCISING.  I have regretted skipping a day.  This alone motivates me to get out and move on a daily basis.

I am far from a perfect eater.  I make choices, not mistakes.  I sometimes choose the pizza slice (let’s face it, it is always more than one slice) over the salad.  I eat ice cream.  BUT, I eat those things because I like them.  I eat them knowing that I should make smarter choices the rest of the day or just make sure I am expending the extra calories in a workout.  That is the beauty of working out.  You can eat!  I eat more now than I have my entire life.  I eat something every 2-3 hours, sometimes it’s a meal and other times it’s a yogurt and granola. I LOVE food.

You can CHOOSE to make healthier meals.  You can start exercising today.  There are no excuses, just decisions.  Today is the only today you have.  Make it worthwhile.


About spinningitall

Join me as I try to spin it all; work, family, exercise, healthy living, and healthy eating. Perhaps we can learn together. Hilarity is certain to be involved.
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